(active 842-850 in Oviedo)

Exterior view

Palace auditorium, Monte Naranco, Oviedo

Only fragments have survived of the Pre-Romanesque Christian architecture in northern Spain from the time of the kingdom of the Asturias. The most significant monuments are found near the old capital of Oviedo. Here King Ramiro I (842-850) built a palace complex with audience chamber at the Monte Naranco, which was extended by his successor Ordoño I with the construction of a church, San Miguel de Lillo (in Asturian Samiguel de Lliño). Both buildings feature a remarkable wealth of architectural articulating elements, such as pilaster strips, blind arches, and cornices, and many ornamental shapes in relief.

At each end of the auditorium (12 x 4 meters) a spacious solarium was created.

View the cross section of the building.

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