(active 966-980 in Cologne)

Exterior view

St. Pantaleon, Cologne

A westwork (German: Westwerk) is the monumental, west-facing entrance section of a Carolingian, Ottonian, or Romanesque church. The exterior consists of multiple stories between two towers. The main function of the westwork was to draw attention to the emperor, even if he was not there in person. It embodied the power of the state and the ruler. The westwork church encompasses two distinct areas of significance within it: the actual church to the east dedicated to the saints, and the bulwark-like westwork, the place of the ruler, protector of the church.

The photo shows the westwork of St. Pantaleon, one of the oldest sacral buildings in Cologne. The monumental church originated at the middle of the 10th century with the founding of a Benedictine abbey by the Archbishop Bruno.

View the ground plan of the church.

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