(active in the 11th century in Burgundy)

Interior view

after 1020
Abbey Church Saint-Philibert, Tournus (Saône-et-Loire)

Between 102 and 1030 the monks of Saint-Philibert in Tournus had a new nave and aisles built, since their church had been damaged by the Hungarian invasions in 1007/8. Around 1050 the monks had modernized and vaulted their old nave. Narrow and very steep round arches spring from strong round piers. The ceiling is a round barrel vault with small windows at its base. The nave has not survived in this form as the barrel vault collapsed very soon after its construction. In the 1070s the collapsed transverse arches were replaced and the nave was covered with transverse barrel vaults.

The photo shows the nave looking east.

View the ground plan of the Abbey Church Saint-Philibert, Tournus.

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