(active 1st half 11th century in Poitou)

Exterior view

Saint-Hilaire, Poitiers (Vienne)

At the beginning of the twelfth century, the west of France experienced the sudden blossoming of the art of the domed vault, a feature probably inspired by the domed church of San Marco in Venice. The most significant domed churches of western France are the convent church of Fontevraud, Saint-Pierre in Angouleme, Saint-Front in Périgueux, and, in its renovated form, Saint-Hilaire in Poitiers.

The church of Saint-Hilaire dates from the first half of the 11th century, it was consecrated in 1049. The interior of the building was completely reorganized from around 1130 onwards, when an ambulatory with radiating chapels was added, as well as two new side aisles on each side. The original narrow, projecting transept with its two eastern apses remained, as did the upper walls of the nave and its wide apse.

View the ground plan of the Saint-Hilaire, Poitiers.

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