(active 1050-1110 in Burgundy)

Exterior view

Sainte-Croix-et-Sainte-Marie, Anzy-le-Duc (Saône-et-Loire)

The Sainte-Croix-et-Sainte-Marie at Anzy-le-Duc is one of the smaller churches erected under the patronage of the monastery at Cluny. Its construction was began in the second half of the eleventh century and probably not completed until the early twelfth century. Its ground plan follows the model of Cluny II: a nave and two aisles, a projecting steep transept, an echeloned choir with five chapels. In the nave, on all four sides of the cross-shaped piers there are engaged columns. The nave and the aisles are groin vaulted.

The photo shows the nave with crossing tower.

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