(active in 1089-1132 at Cluny)

Exterior view

Saint-Pierre-et-Paul (Cluny III), Cluny (Saône-et-Loire)

In 1089 Abbot Hugo (1049-1109) began the building of the third church at Cluny. Already in 1095 Pope Urban II was able to consecrate the main altar and three further chapel altars. The final consecration was completed by 1132. The narthex with its nave and two side aisles was not completed until 1225. However, by 1258 the once powerful monastery was converted into a sinecure. In 1790 this was dissolved and in 1798 the building was sold for demolition. This began in 1811 and left only the south arm of the transept, the choir capitals and a few other individual parts still standing.

The photo shows the southern transept. The view of the church as it might appeared in the sixteenth century can be seen in the lithographs by Émile Sagot.

View the ground plan of the whole monastery site, reconstruction of its state around 1150.

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