(active 1077-1137 in Rochester)

Exterior view

Cathedral, Rochester, Kent

Rochester Cathedral is England's second oldest, having been founded in 604 AD by Bishop Justus. The present building dates back to the work of the French monk, Gundulf, who started the construction soon after he was made the first Norman bishop of Rochester (1077-1108). Gundulf was a talented architect who probably played a major part in the design or the works he commissioned.

From Gundulf's original building the two west bays of the groin-vaulted crypt remain, together with the walls that separated the three aisles of the rectangular choir. The small eastern rectangular chapel probably contained the relics of St Paulinus, one of Rochester's seventh-century archbishops.

The cathedral was completed during the episcopates of Ernulf (1115–1124) and John I (1125–1137).

The photo shows the west façade.

View the ground plan of Rochester Cathedral, built by Gundulf.

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