(active around 1089 in Gloucester)

Interior view

begun 1089
Cathedral, Gloucester

An abbey had existed in Gloucester since the seventh century which burnt down in 1088. Abbot Serlo (1072-1104) laid the foundation stone of the new building in 1089.

St. Peter's Abbey Church (cathedral since 1540), probably modelled on Worcester Cathedral, is an aisled basilica with a transept, ambulatory and radiating chapels. There is a crypt with several aisles which extends for the entire length of the choir. The aisleless, five-bay transept with chapels to the east is Romanesque in its ground plan and in parts of its elevation. Two Romanesque storeys of the choir remain.

The photo shows a view of the nave towards the east.

View the ground plan of the abbey church, Gloucester, built by Serlo, begun 1089.

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