(active 1029-1040 in Catalonia)

Interior view

San Vicenç, Cardona (Barcelona)

At the beginning of the eleventh century, Catalonia experienced an extremely fecund period of architectural activity, Unfortunately, only few remnants from the eleventh century have survived from the buildings. However, the particularly impressive church of San Vicenç in Cardona has fortunately been preserved.

The church of San Vicenç is located at the top of a fortified hill. It was built from cut stone. In the interior, a barrel vault of stone covers the nave. Three transverse arches, which add support, are evenly spaced down the nave. Their arches continue down the piers as responds, complete with capitals at the springing of the arch. Rounded arches, supported by piers, open into the side aisles, which are covered with stone groin vaults. Above the nave arcade, small rounded lancet-shaped windows pierce the stone walls. The windows are evenly spaced over the arch openings. A dome resting on squinches is over the crossing in front of the altar. The dome has an oculus opening at the top and small rounded lancet windows in the drum.

The photo shows the crossing.

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