(active 1156-1177 in Rhineland-Palatinate)

Exterior view

Benedictine monastery church, Maria Laach

The very essence of the fully formed Romanesque church has been preserved at the Benedictine abbey of Maria Laach in the Eifel region of the Rhineland-Palatinate. It was founded in 1093, the west choir, nave and crypt were completed in 1156, the east choir in 1177.

The exterior is a typical structure with its tower groupings above the east and west choirs, each carefully balancing the other. Slim, high towers over square ground plans rise in the spandrel between the east choir and transept. An octagonal broken tower crowns the crossing. Round towers are attached to the ends of the western transept, and above the crossing stands a square tower, crowned by a roof of four rhombi.

This building is the embodiment of a Staufen monastery church.

View the ground plan of the Benedictine monastery church, Maria Laach.

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