(active c. 1130 in Auvergne)

Exterior view

begun 1130
Saint-Austremoine, Issoire (Puy-de-Dôme)

The early 12th-century abbey church of Saint-Austremoine is renowned as being one of the five important Romanesque churches in the Auvergne (at Orcival, Clermont-Ferrand, Issoire, Saint-Nectaire and Saint-Saturnin).

There are striking similarities between these churches. They have a low ambulatory with four radiating chapels and a deep extended bay. Above the stilted arcades of the chancel bay is the clerestory. The extended bay is formed by a wide arch and is probably windowless because of the support of the barrel vault. The aiseless transept consists of five parts and has two apses in the eastern wall. It increases in height from the projecting transept arms which correspond to the choir, via two steep, diagonally placed intermediate bays, towards the central dome. The nave has two storeys, with arcades surmounted by galleries and a barrel vault

View the ground plan of Saint-Austremoine, Issoire.

The photo shows the richly ornamented walls of the east section.

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