(active 1120s in Charente)

Interior view

Cathedral of Saint-Pierre, Angoulême (Charente)

At the beginning of the twelfth century, the west of France experienced the sudden blossoming of the art of the domed vault, a feature probably inspired by the domed church of San Marco in Venice. The most significant domed churches of western France are the convent church of Fontevraud, Saint-Pierre in Angoulême, Saint-Front in Périgueux, and, in its renovated form, Saint-Hilaire in Poitiers.

In the interior of Saint-Pierre there is no ambulatory, the choir consisting only of another apse with three semi-circular chapels. The transept consists of five parts. The square crossing is covered by an octagonal dome resting on a tambour.

The photo shows the interior with domed vaulting.

View the ground plan of the Cathedral of Angoulême.

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