(active 1120-1125 in Burgundy)

Exterior view

Former Bishop's Palace, Auxerre (Yonne)

In the cities, the defensive potential of individual houses was of no consequence. Rather than developing particular building types, architecture would concentrate on the decoration of the façades, resulting in magnificent frontages featuring arcades, galleries and twin openings.

Many houses have suffered badly not only from the passage of time, but also from the restoration efforts of the nineteenth century, and often only parts of them have survived. The former palace of the bishop of Auxerre, for example, still has a delightful arcade, albeit below a somewhat disfiguring balustrade from the nineteenth century. Delicate twin colonettes with lavish and varied shaft decoration carry semi-circular arches with hollow moldings decorated with stone balls.

The photo shows the gallery wing built on the east wall of a building that had previously stood on this site.

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