(active 1100-1110 in Piedmont)

Exterior view

c. 1108
Cathedral, Casale Monferrato

Casale Monferrato Cathedral is dedicated to Saint Evasius. The present Romanesque and Gothic structure was first consecrated in c. 1108, but a previous church from the 9th century stood on the site.

The cathedral, built at the time of the Lombards, represents a blend of basilica and hall church. The main complex with its four aisles is preceded by an unusually large galilee. The two outer bays, when related to the nave, result in a ratio of bays of 3:3. The double-crossed transverse arches extend far down into the interior - a characteristic more often found in Armenian architecture. It might have been introduced to Northern Italy after the Second Crusade.

The interior has five naves, of which the central one is marked by tall polychrome columns rising two storeys. The ceilings are frescoed, sometimes sky blue.

The photo shows the west façade.

View the elevation of the galilee of the cathedral of Casale Monferrato.

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