(active 1063-1272 in Tuscany)

Exterior view

Cathedral, Pisa (Tuscany)

The largest scale expression of Tuscan Romanesque is at Pisa's cathedral complex, known as the Campo dei Miracoli (Field of Miracles). The rich, highly sculptural architecture of the cathedral comprises an entire site, consisting in a coordinated array of buildings built between 1063 and 1350. The first element in the complex was the cathedral, begun in 1063, with its baptistry, which was originally located to the north of the church. In the first decades of the next century, the façade of the cathedral was extended to the west, and in 1153, the original baptistry was replaced with a new, circularly planned structure on an axis with the new cathedral entrance. The campanile (the Leaning Tower) is the third oldest structure in the complex after the cathedral and the baptistry.

View the cross-section of the Cathedral, Pisa.

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