(active 1170-1190 in Sardinia)

Exterior view

San Pietro Sorres, Borutta (Sardegna)

The power of Tuscan Romanesque churches assured their adoption beyond the boundaries of the region, Both Pisan traders and Camaldolese and Vallombrosian missionaries transported the rich classicising elevations and polychrome interiors on the Tyrrhenian sea as far as Sardinia.

The church of San Pietro Sorres was erected between 1170 and 1190 on the foundations of an earlier church from the previous century. It fuses Pisan motifs of rotated squares in arches with bichrome striping and geometric intarsia characteristic of Pistoia, Prato and Florence. The connection to Tuscany was probably through the Benedictine monastery of Camaldoli, which by early in the century controlled properties nearby.

The photo shows the apse of the church.

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