(active around 1200 in Navarre)

Interior view

Church of Holy Sepulchre, Torres del Río (Navarre)

The Spanish orders of knights were closely connected with the pilgrimage to Santiago. The Templars had arrived in 1188, and like the other orders of knights (e.g. the Hospitaliers) they were strongly influenced by France and French culture. They not only integrated elements from France into their architecture, but also attempted to imitate sites in the Holy Land. A truly international style was the result. A number of very characteristic buildings by these orders sprang up on the Iberian Peninsula during the twelfth and the early thirteenth century.

The church of Holy Sepulchre probably belonged to the Templars. It is a centrally planned, octagonally laid-out building which has no central chapel. It is distinguished by its relatively lavish ornamentation, both of the exterior and particularly of the interior, where its system of vaulting brings out a truly unusual magnificence.

The photo shows the vaulting.

View the ground plan of the church of Holy Sepulchre, Torres del Río.

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