(active late 12th century in Navarre)

Exterior view

Santa Maria, Eunate (Navarre)

This Romanesque church is located on the Tolosa route to Compostela, a little before it meets the Puente la Reina with the road from Roncesvalles. Its origin is not clear, it was perhaps a church and hospital for the Templars, or a funerary chapel for a nobleman. However, there is evidence of its use as a cemetery for pilgrims who died on the way.

The church is built of dressed stone and its plan is a slightly irregular octagon with a little three-side apse. It presents the typical architectural features of Romanesque art (dressed-stone masonry, robust walls, semicircular arches, little windows made of alabaster, etc.) as well as some other local Romanesque characteristics like the chessboard-shape decoration in Navarre and Aragon.

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