(active 11th-13th centuries in Aragon)

General view

11th-13th centuries
Castle, Loarre (Huesca)

A chapel forms part of a castle built in a commanding position high up on the rocks, whence it overlooks the plain extending towards the south. The oldest part of the complex is perched precariously on a steep rockface dropping away towards the west. In the thirteenth century an outer ring, consisting of walls with ten towers, was added to the castle, defending it from the south-east. The chapel takes up the south-eastern corner of the castle.

The religious building takes up an unusual large proportion of the overall castle complex. The main element of the chapel consists of a semi-circular apse, a square, domed bay and a short nave ending in a diagonally placed west wall.

The castle was probably intended as a prestigious residence of the kings of Aragon.

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