ARCHITECT, Portuguese
(active after 1178 in Portugal)

Interior view

after 1178
Cistercian abbey church, Alcobaça (Portugal)

The Cistercian abbey church in Alcobaça had been founded in 1153 by the first Portuguese king, Alfonso I Henriques (1139-1185). The original church was replaced from 1178 by the present new building. Construction, however, progressed slowly as the monks had to abandon Alcobaça again temporarily because of an attack by the Moors. consequently several building phases can be easily distinguished. The final consecration occurred in 1252.

The church is based on several French Cistercian models. The church and monastery were the first Gothic buildings in Portugal.

The photo shows the Royal Pantheon in the transept.

View the ground plan of the Cistercian abbey church, Alcobaça.

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