(active 1204-1235 in Landshut)

Exterior view

Burg Trausnitz, Landshut

Trausnitz Castle is a medieval castle situated in Landshut, Bavaria. It was the home of the Wittelsbach dynasty, and it served as their ducal residence for Lower Bavaria from 1255-1503, and later as the seat of the hereditary rulers of the whole of Bavaria. The castle was founded in 1204 by Duke Ludwig I and it was completed by the time of Emperor Frederick II's visit in 1235.

The wealthy Duke of Landshut repeatedly renovated and expanded the buildings in Burg Trausnitz during the 15th century. The outer defensive ring of walls were heightened and extended for the defensive towers. Duke Louis X of Bavaria furnished the castle in 1516 in the south German Renaissance style, though few examples remain today.

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