(active 1234-1251 in York)

Aerial view

Minster, York

The direct inheritors of the innovative ideas in Lincoln are found in the north of England, where from around 1200 there was a building boom which included cathedrals, collegiate churches, and monastery churches in equal numbers. There was a real competition in the rebuilding of choirs. A particularly important theme in the buildings of the north was the fronts at the east end of the choirs and on the transepts. There arose a series of impressive soaring flat east fronts.

The greatest of these fronts is the northern transept of York Minster. Above the wall arcading, five particularly tall and slender lancet windows rise up, taking up almost the whole height of the end wall, these are the famous "Five Sisters" which are among the tallest lancet windows in England. Characteristic of north of England Gothic is the gallery consisting of four openings under one large arch.

The photo shows the Minster from the south.

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