ARCHITECT, Hungarian
(active 1210-1256 in Ják)

Exterior view

Monastery church, Ják, near Szombathely

In the Romanesque period the monastery churches in Hungary three-aisled vaulted hewn-stone buildings with twin tower façades and lavish external ornamentation. An example of these churches is the church in Ják, the best-known Romanesque church in Hungary,

The main nave of the triple-nave basilican church is longer and higher than the side naves. It is illuminated by the windows in the wall segments that rise above the side naves. The twin towers are divided in four segments; the upper two segments have twin windows.

The porch on the west façade slightly projects from the level of the surrounding façade. Its many archivolts gradually narrow towards the interior and the capitals are adorned by geometrical and plant motives. The façade above the portal holds the statues of Christ and ten of his apostles. The remaining two apostles are displayed on the tower walls.

The photo shows a view of the west façade.

View the ground plan of the monastery church, Ják.

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