ARCHITECT, Hungarian
(active 1220-1300 in Zsámbék)

Exterior view

after 1220
Monastery church, Zsámbék, Pest county

In the Romanesque period the monastery churches in Hungary three-aisled vaulted hewn-stone buildings with twin tower façades and lavish external ornamentation. An example of these churches is the ruined church in Zsámbék.

The construction of the church started as a part of a Premonstratensian monastery. It was the third consecutive church standing at the same site. The construction started in 1220, it was completed in the 13th century. It was a private family church, built by a single family, the gens Smaragd (the family of Aynard), and might have been the last of such churches in Hungary. The church was a three-nave basilica; the cloister was attached to one of the sides.

The photo shows a view of the ruins.

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