(active 15th century in Pomerania)

Exterior view

15th century
Town Hall and St. Nicholas, Stralsund

The town hall in Stralsund was built in the 13th century alongside the west façade of the church of St. Nicholas. When the town hall was given its present form in the 15th century, a façade was built on the northern (narrow) side of the building. Buildings in Lübeck provided inspiration for the covered walk of the arcade, the main story with segmented arched windows, and a "show façade" above, divided by octagonal towers toped with pinnacles. The wall surfaces of the upper façade are divided into blind niches and openings, the openings appearing in the free-standing sections of the façade. Behind this wall are just three parallel pitched roofs at half height. The purely representative character of this work is made evident by the openings, which reveal simply open sky.

The photo shows the façade of the town hall. The church of St. Nicholas is seen at left.

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