(active 1375-1550 in Vincennes)

Interior view

Castle chapel, Vincennes (Val-de-Marne)

The prestige of the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, constructed by St. Louis, led to some patrons having such a chapel built in their castles or palaces. Sainte-Chapelle was the architectural model for the chapel in the castle of Vincennes. King Charles V (1364-1380) began the building of this chapel in 1379. In 1422 this chapel stood complete apart from the roof, the buttress piers, and the vault; these were added between 1520 and 1550.

The castle chapel in Vincennes shows in many of its windows, constructed from about 1380 to 1420, early forms of the Flamboyant style.

The photo shows the interior looking west.

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