(active after 1402 in Andalusia)

Exterior view

begun 1402
Cathedral of Santa María, Seville

The biggest building project in Andalusia during the 15th century was the cathedral of Seville, the reconstruction of the old episcopal seat. The layout was taken over the foundation walls of the old mosque, which was given a Christian consecration on the occasion of the conquest of the city in 1248. Its original Islamic courtyard, now the Patio de los Naranjos, and the Giralda, or minaret, completed in 1198, were preserved and remodeled, and thus integrated into the new Christian surroundings.

Seville Cathedral is one of the great religious buildings of the West, a square, nave-and-four-aisle plan with lateral chapels, transepts, and an apse. The broadly laid out, hall-like interior contains echoes of the interior of a mosque.

View the ground plan of Seville Cathedral.

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