(active 1529-1554 in Halle)

Exterior view

Marktkirche, Halle

The Marktkirche (full name: Marktkirche Unser Lieben Frauen; shortened to Liebfrauenkirche; in English: Market Church of Our Dear Lady) is a church in the centre of the city of Halle. It was built between 1529 and 1554 at the location of two predecessors, St. Gertrude and St. Mary. The Church of St. Gertrude to the west dated from 11th century, the St. Mary's Church to the east dated from the 12th century. The new church was built between the two pairs of towers of these churches, integrating them into the new building. The four towers, together with the Red Tower, are the landmark of the city (the City of Five Towers).

The Market Church, the last great hall church, is considered one of the most important buildings of the late Gothic period in central Germany. George Frideric Handel was baptized here and received his first organ lessons. Johann Sebastian Bach inspected the new organ, and his son Wilhelm Friedemann Bach was an organist.

The church was severely damaged in World War II, it was restored between 1967-83.

The photo shows the west side of the church seen from the Hallmarkt.

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