(active 1570s in Lippe)

Exterior view

Hexenbürgermeisterhaus, Lemgo

Lemgo is an old hanseatic town in North Rhine-Westphalia. Its most famous house is the so-called Hexenbürgermeisterhaus (Witches Mayor House) from 1571 with a façade in the style of Weser Renaissance (a form of Renaissance architectural style that is found in the area around the River Weser in central Germany). Its unusual name comes from its mayor Cothmann, who officiated in the 17th century, who, out of lust for power, used witchcraft as an integral part of the Christian faith to clear his political opponents out of the field. To make this clear, he had several dozen other citizens killed, both women and men. On the façade below there is a wide, richly-perforated zone of stems called 'Utluchten'. The façade above is divided by half-columns and cornices.

The photo shows the façade of the building.

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