(active 1520s in Dijon)

Exterior view

Saint-Michel, Dijon

Church architecture in France in the 1530s was limited to additions and alterations to existing buildings. From the many additions made to existing buildings during this period one general feature emerges. Whereas decoration in the style of 1500-25 could be added to a Flamboyant Gothic building without any incongruity, the classical manner of the 1530s falls more readily into place in a context of Romanesque architecture. In the case of the church of Saint-Michel in Dijon, seen from a distance its doors look like Romanesque porches, although in fact they were begun in the first years of the sixteenth century as deep Late Gothic porches but finished (before 1537) with voussoirs in an advanced Italianate style. The towers were not finished till the mid seventeenth century.

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