(active 1506-1516 in Normandy)

Exterior view

Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Alençon (Orne)

In the Late Gothic era many churches were completed on which work had been interrupted for a long time. As the large main front was usually constructed after the completion of the church, architects of the 15th and 16th centuries were particularly on demand for work on fronts. Although variations in Late Gothic fronts are enormous, they are almost always new interpretations of older models.

On the west side of Notre-Dame in Alençon, the porch, which since the 12th century had occasionally been included in Gothic façades, achieves dominance by covering the whole of the end wall. The vaulted front section, crowned by filigree tracery, has the appearance of a gigantic choir screen. Something normally a part of the interior decoration has become a dominant part of the exterior.

The photo shows the west front.

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