(active 1500-1510 in Normandy)

Exterior view

c. 1508
Château, Gaillon (Eure)

Cardinal Ambrose began the rebuilding of the Château de Gaillon in 1502, and it was nearly completed at the time of his death in 1510. The first wings, constructed between 1502 and 1508, were still in the Flamboyant style, but in 1508 Italian workmen began to arrive and a change of style becomes apparent. In the parts of the building erected from 1508 onwards Italian decoration can be seen. The most important is the entrance gate, the decoration of which probably dates from 1508. In structure this is still the fortified entrance to a medieval château, but the decorative elements are Italian, with Lombard pilasters, grotesque friezes, and shell-heads to the windows.

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