(active around 1571 in Vaucluse)

Exterior view

Château, La Tour-d'Aigues (Vaucluse)

The main building of the Château de La Tour-d'Aigues near Aix-en-Provence was put up between 1550 and 1570. It is a direct adaptation of Lescot's Pavillon du Roi at the Louvre. Much more remarkable, however, is the triumphal arch erected as the main entrance to the château and dated 1571. La Tour-d'Aigues is within easy reach of the most important Roman remains in Provence, and it is no doubt that the architect derived his style from the study of these. The rich frieze carved with trophies, the fine and correct capitals of the Corinthian pilasters, and the elaborate carving of the cornice all suggest a careful study of Roman originals.

The photo shows the main entrance of the château.

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