(active c. 1600 in Padua)

Foresteria: External view

Villa Foscarini Negrelli Rossi, Stra

The old house of the noble Venetian Foscarini ai Carmini family, near the confluence of the Brenta and Tergola rivers, was rebuilt between 1599 and 1602. The foresteria, or guest quarters, is situated to the side of and slightly behind the main house. It is attributed to Francesco Contin (1585-1654), a Swiss-Italian sculptor and architect. Its façade is marked by a series of simple pilasters along the airy arcade.

The interior of the foresteria is divided into a large main room, flanked by other spaces, the guest rooms. Frescoes cover the entire wall surface of the main room, executed by Domenico Bruni and Pietro Liberi.

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