(active 16th century in Brescia)

Exterior view

Palazzo della Loggia, Brescia

Piazza della Loggia in Brescia was designed at the height of the Renaissance, and towards the end of the 15th century the actual construction began. The square immediately became the beating heart of the city both for its position and for the presence of the Palazzo della Loggia, begun in 1489 under the direction of Filippo Grassi (died 1516) and completed in 1574.

The western side of Piazza della Loggia is occupied by the Palazzo della Loggia, the centre of civic administration. Three arches front the elevation to the square and support the major internal space on the piano nobile beneath the reconstructed lead vault. This structure bears a strong similarity to the basilica in Vicenza, and indeed Palladio was consulted with regard to the completion of the upper storey in 1550.

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