(active around 1500 in Florence)

Exterior view

Palazzo Guadagni, Florence

This palace was built in 1502, when the merchant Ranieri di Baldassarre Dei decided to replace some houses of his family with a more imposing building; the palace was based on a project by Cronaca (or perhaps Baccio d'Agnolo). The façade was originally enlivened by the coat of arms of the family (which is today severely damaged and has been transferred in the interior of the palace) and from the typical Florentine sgraffito-decoration (white artwork scratched on black plaster); this decoration was an early work of Andrea del Sarto, but had been vastly altered in 1870 and is gone completely lost during an attempt of restoration in 1973.

In 1683 the palace was bought by marquis Guadagni and subsequently, in 1837, by the Dufour Berte family, who maintained the name of Palazzo Guadagni.

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