(active 16th century in Tábor)

General view

16th century
Zizka Square, Tábor

Tábor is a city in southern Czech Republic. It lies along a bend in the Lužnice River 80 km south of Prague. Founded in 1420 by Jan Zizka and other followers of the Bohemian religious reformer Jan Hus, Tábor became the radical centre of the more militant members of the movement, known as the Taborites.

The old town lies on a steep granite ridge and is protected by the river to the south and west and by the fishpond Jordán (where local baptisms once took place) to the north. It is encircled by fortifications, still largely intact. The hub of the Old Town is Zizka Square, from which tortuous narrow streets spread out, originally planned to impede access by enemy intruders.

Characteristic feature of some houses in the Old Town is the sgraffito decoration of façades.

The photo shows the southwest corner of the Zizka Square as viewed from the church tower.

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