(active 16th century in Kraków)

Exterior view

Wawel Castle, Kraków

The Renaissance architectural style appears in Poland under the late Jagiellon dynasty, and especially in the reign of Sigismund I (1506-1548), whose wife came from the Sforza family of Lombardy. The rebuilding of his Wawel Castle (1507-36) in Kraków was begun by the Italian Francesco della Lore and continued by Bartolomeo Berrecci of Florence. It presents a blend of local Gothic and 15th-century Italian architecture. The king brought in the best native and foreign artists including Italian architects, sculptors, and German decorators, to refurbish the castle into a splendid Renaissance palace. It soon became a paragon of stately residence in Central and Eastern Europe and served widely as a model throughout the region.

View the ground plan of Wawel Castle, Kraków.

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