(active 1640s in Antwerp)

Exterior view

Huis Delbeke, Antwerp

Keizerstraat in Antwerp was definitely a trendy neighbourhood in the seventeenth century. And this ambience has been largely preserved because of the stunning façades. Merchants, bankers, politicians and prosperous artists owned houses on this street. As you stroll through it you can get a very good idea of what it must have looked like back then. The house at no. 9 is a Baroque town house, from 1647 and is regarded as one of the most magnificent properties in Antwerp, with a gold leaf entrance and stunning sculptures. Rubens's sister-in-law briefly lived here. It is currently called "Huis Delbeke", after the minister who acquired this property around 1900.

The photo shows the street front of the Delbeke House.

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