(active 1640s in Antwerp)

Exterior view

c. 1600
Rockoxhuis, Antwerp

Keizerstraat in Antwerp was definitely a trendy neighbourhood in the seventeenth century. And this ambience has been largely preserved because of the stunning façades. Merchants, bankers, politicians and prosperous artists owned houses on this street. As you stroll through it you can get a very good idea of what it must have looked like back then. The house at no. 10-12 is a town house from c. 1600. It is the former residence of the Rockox family, presently a private museum. The house is a typical example of the architecture that was popular with the bourgeoisie the early 17th century in Antwerp. It has an inner garden with fine herbs, and has features of an Italian palazzo.

The museum contains paintings by Rubens, Anthony van Dyck and Frans Snyders.

The photo shows the courtyard of the Rockox House.

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