(active 1690s in London)

Exterior view

Fenton House, Hampstead

Fenton House is a 17th-century merchant's house in Hampstead in North London. It is a brick mansion, with 1693 inscribed on its chimney breast which is consistent with the date of its core and most of its walls.

In the second half of the 17th century, when the standardized town house had become an accepted fact, a type of smaller country house had been also introduced that - with many minor variations - is to be found all over the countryside, in the villages round London. They are usually built of brick with stone quoins, either completely rectangular or with two short wings on the sides, the entrance with a pediment, hood, or porch, and with a larger pediment to crown the centre of the house.

Fenton House in Hampstead is an example of the country houses.

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