(active around 1710 in Schleswig-Holstein)

Interior view

Manor house, Hasselburg

Many mansions in Schleswig-Holstein have an Italianate appearance. The hall in the country house in Hasselburg is a crown of Baroque achievement in the region. Here too an Italianate scheme emerges. The painting of the hall was probably done for Count Dernath by an Italian designer.Both the stucco work and decoration are restrained in appearance, setting off the gracious sweep of the staircase up to the gallery. Once upstairs, the viewer can look up to another false storey, where sophisticated painted perspectives create an illusion of architecture. This simulated architectural painting with integrated figures of gods is reminiscent of Würzburg and Pommersfelden in the south and Swedish Drottningholm in the north.

The photo shows the hall in the country house.

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