(active 1730s in Ulm)

Interior view

Library of former Benedictine Abbey, Wiblingen, Ulm

It was not only emperors, kings, and princes who wanted to establish libraries, but traditionally ecclesiastical orders such as the Benedictines or Cistercians as well. In the mid-eighteenth century, a library was built for the Benedictine monastery at Wiblingen near Ulm, probably by Christian Wiedermann (1680-1739), in the north wing of the abbey. It contains an elegant curving gallery supported on thirty-two red and green marbled wooden columns. In balanced colour contrast to these are white-painted wooden figures standing on low pedestals, allegories of the virtues and sciences. The ceiling, painted in 1744 by Franz Martin Kuen (1719-1771), unfolds the theme of this unique Baroque room in an effective motif-led structure.

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