(active c. 1718 in Ludwigsburg)

Exterior view

Favorite, Ludwigsburg

In addition to their main palace (the Residenz), baroque princes also maintained small country houses in the immediate vicinity of as summer residences or hunting lodges. Eberhard Ludwig (reigning 1693-1733) had a hunting lodge built called the Favorite on a small hillock about 350 meters north of his palace. The commission was given to the Italian architect Donato Giuseppe Frisoni (1683-1735) in 1718.

A cube-shaped, two-storey central block with four corner towers rises above a broad lower floor with rusticated ashlar blocks. The corners are flanked by four pavilions with mansard roofs. The drive and the wide span of the free-standing steps are reminiscent of Italian Baroque villas.

The photo shows a view of the Favorite.

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