(active c. 1718 in Ludwigsburg)

Exterior view

Monrepos, near Ludwigsburg

In 1760, Karl Eugen, Duke of Württemberg, commissioned his architect, Pierre-Louis-Philippe de La Guépière (1715-1773) to construct a little lakeside mansion in the park of the Ludwigsburg Palace. The main commissions of this French architect were from the Duke of Württemberg.

The core of the building is an oval central elevation set in a rectangular front with adjoining wings. As it stands on a hill that runs down to the lake, the lakeside front had to be set on a plinth. The courtyard front was at ground level. The French architect probably modeled his scheme on the château of Vaux-le-Vicomte near Melun. Associating it with his country houses in Finland and Lake Geneva, King Frederick called this little folly Mon Repos.

The photo shows the lakeside front of the country house.

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