(active 1748-1471 in Aranjuez)

Exterior view

Royal Palace, Aranjuez

The Palacio Real in Aranjuez was another edifice founded by the Habsburgs which had been converted by Philip V and Isabella Farnese. This former monastery in a well-watered hunting region had been chosen as a summer residence by Philip II although the plans by Juan Bautista Toledo and Juan Herrera had only been partially realized by Juan Gómez de Mora. In 1731, Santiago Bonavía (died 1759) began to direct the conversion work, which was set back in 1748 by a fire. Rebuilding under Ferdinand VI was mainly based on Herrera's design for a two-storey four-wing building with the emphasis on the west façade and corner towers. Nevertheless, the central pavilion was refurbished and given a double main staircase. The side wings were added in 1771 by Francisco SAabatini (1722-1797). Around the middle of the eighteenth century, the palace complex was extended by the creation of today's royal town.

The photo shows the main façade and the wings of the complex structure.

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