Illumination section in WGA
Illuminations and illuminators comprise a small proportion of the works and the artists included in the collection (about 3% for the images and less than 1% for known artists). It seems to be useful to create a presentation for illuminations only (comprising initials, miniatures and entire pages of illuminated manuscripts, in some cases including the book covers), making use of the advantages provided by the wider screens, at disposal of many users. This presentation contains the same images as shown in the standard presentation, no additional images are added and no images are left out.
You can proceed by either
  • selecting the name of an illuminator from the list at left (you can facilitate the selection by using the links with capital letters below), or
  • selecting the works by anonymous illuminators by using the "ANONYMOUS" button below, or
  • using the "QUICK SEARCH" tool below, either its drop down menus for selecting images of illuminations from a given school or time-frame, or the free text box for finding a particular image or artist.