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Un extraordinaire site à recommander pour les passionnés de peinture. Merci

Paris, France
March 31, 2002

Such a tremendous find for me! I hardly know where to begin. I am not an artist or artist to be but have discovered this interest and desire to learn more and more about art and artists. Thank you is hardly adequate but please know that this site, the images and topping it all the accompanying music of the period being studied! How incredibly marvellous.... bastiaan

bastiaan wever,
Palmerston, Ontario, Canada
March 31, 2002

Your webpage is a wonderful resource. I have used it for my research and also shared it with my son, Jules, who is ten years old. Thanks for sharing all of this lovely, significant art with us. Please contact me for recommendations of Spanish and Latin American music of the 16th through early 18th centuries to add.

Louise K. Stein,
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
March 31, 2002

Your webpage is a wonderful resource. I have used it for my research and also shared it with my son, Jules, who is ten years old. Thanks for sharing all of this lovely, significant art with us.

Louise K. Stein,
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
March 31, 2002

Il vostro è un sito interessante, che consulto molto volentieri e mi auguro che possa essere arricchito ancora con le personalità di nuovi artisti, specialmente architetti,dei quali sento la mancanza nel vostro indice.

Marcello Balduino, Arianna,
Torino, Italia
March 31, 2002

I love this sight and when work just gets to be too much for me I go here to relax. I listen to music and pick a different artist every time to study. I love it!

Rochelle Cohen,
sacramento, CA, USA
March 30, 2002

Simlemente maravilloso.

guadalajara, jalisco, mexico
March 30, 2002

I really like Rafaello paintings, specially The Sistine Madonna.

Marisela ,, msn1
Cd. Lerdo, Durango, Mexico
March 30, 2002

Great site love the pictures and music. Is there any place to see Salvator Rosa's etchings. I purchased a couple some 30-35 years ago, and wonder if there is a catalog of his etchings. They were studies of military men. tim honn

Tim Honn,
Strömsund, Jamtland, Sweden
March 29, 2002

This was a very inspirational gift to me personally and to my ministry this Easter Season. May God continue to bless your ministry!

Sheryl Faulk,
Irvine, Ca., USA
March 29, 2002

Very Nice! You should get some work by Agnolo Bronzino (Allegory) in there.

Anna Varlese,
Boulder, CO, USA
March 28, 2002

Magnificent work about magnificent works! To Emil and Daniel and all that collaborated in this endeavor, many many thanks for offering this treasure trove of art. For people like you the United Nations should offer a special merit award, it is people like you that make this a better world.

Julio Fernandez,
Grand Valley, Ontario, Canada
March 28, 2002

Sehr geehrte Creatores: Der Wert Ihrer Arbeit ist unermeßlich. Aus der geldgierigen nordamerikanischen Perspektive ist es geradezu unbegreiflich, daß Sie das alles umsonst tun. Es gebührt Ihnen großer Dank, daß Sie nicht nur die großartigsten Bilder zusammengestellt haben und zeigen, sondern daß Sie auch noch Texte zu Künstlern, Dargestellten und sogar zum historischen Kontext geben. Ich grüße Sie herzlich - gerne wäre ich bei der Arbeit dabeigewesen.

marcus hildman,
toronto, ontario, canada
March 27, 2002

Thank you for this wonderful, beautiful, brilliant website and all the work you have done! It is absolutely fascinating and inspiring to visit your site. There is one 'serious' drawback though: I always spend a lot more time browsing your galleries than I intended or can easily afford ... - just because it is so endlessly absorbing and there are so many wonderful things to discover. THANK YOU!

Anne Cadovius,
, Germany
March 27, 2002

....... je me souviens d'avoir vu un Vélasquez, chez la Mère de Olaf Van Cleef, à Nice en 1955....une sublime femme au mouchoir...

Alice Giraud, de Monaco
March 27, 2002


March 27, 2002

that´s one of the most wonderful sites i´ve ever visited

são paulo, sp, brazil
March 27, 2002

I am an art docent at my daughter's elementary school. Each month I bring in a different print(s) of artists. I try to vary the style of art, the period of art, etc... This site helps me a lot to learn more about the paintings I have selected. The biographies are great.

Andrea Vachon,
Glen Rock, NJ, USA
March 26, 2002

26 marzo 2002 A volte le immagini rendono un concetto, un sentimento, molto più di quanto farebbero le parole. La vostra galleria è stata per me oggi un prezioso e gradito strumento per dire qualcosa di bello alle persone che amo. Grazie, torneò certamente a visitarvi.

Cesenatico, Italy
March 26, 2002

Loved the large scale images. It's a shame the quality is not always consistent, but there's no better resource for the Sistine Chapel anywhere. The text accompanying the images is extremely useful. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Mark Schofield,,
Lyon, France
March 26, 2002

Searching for an Artist who drew(In pencil) a posed picture of Longfellow(An Famous poet)in the 1800's. Please let me know if you know of an artist who did hand drawing of such!

March 26, 2002

What a wonderful way of casting an eye one those beautiful works of art . I have been quite fasinated

Peggy Dunstan,
Kings Lynn, Norfolk, Great Britain
March 25, 2002

I discovered with great joy your site looking for Meindert Hobemma using Google. I am looking forward to explore more of it. It is a wonderful achievement. I will tell all my friends about it Yours, Alec Niculescu

Gheorghe Alexandru Niculescu,
Bucharest, Romania
March 25, 2002

I am new.

Steen Flemming Jørgensen,,
København V, 1601, Danmark
March 25, 2002

As an artist,I can only speak of the magnificance of the Giotto restoration. I'm in awe of the sucess for the overall accomplishment to revitilize and preserve Artworks for future generations to adore and appreciate. Treasures such as these are priceless and should be preserved for future posterity sake.I'm sure that the actual sight of those works are quite breath-taking and overwhelming, Thank you.

Daniel Browning,
Evansville, Indiana 47720, U.S.A.
March 25, 2002

Your site is really fantastic, I have the impression to visit a musee.

Athens, Greece
March 24, 2002

Thank you so much for your very wonderful site. I have just done much of my homework from your site on a mid-term exam which is coming up very soon. I am a 60 year old, grandmother attending college, again, to accomplish my degree in counseling. My dream is to counsel abused women using art as a therapy. Your site has been most helpful and appreciated.

Ruthann McCloskey,
Kelseyville, CA, USA
March 24, 2002

This site bites!

Maria Smith, I Hate My Life!, yahoo
St. Petersburg, Florida, United States of America
March 24, 2002

You need more pictures ! I'm studying Jacques Linard and all i get is flowers.

Carlisle, England
March 24, 2002

thank you for being there for all us art students JudyBrooker

judy brooker,
Cairns, North Queensland, Australia
March 24, 2002

you need my artwork on your site to recieve images just request.

Clayton Whitter,
manchester, england
March 24, 2002

Love the website...incredibly informative and very cool!

Jeremy Blaine Beren,
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
March 23, 2002

Thank you for all you have to offer! I enyojed your site for hours and hours. It helps me to complete my study about the 17th century painters. I am a portraitpainter with a deep admire for the old masterpainters. I am very glad that I found your site. Again; thank you! Kerdy van Vuuren.

kerdy van vuuren,,
delft, z-h, holland
March 23, 2002

What an amazing site !!! I go to google, I enter "rinaldo & armida", with expectations of getting absolutely nothing, and here you are....with music, no less! Thank-you for your work. Randy Flynn

Randy Flynn,
Valley Forge, PA, USA`
March 23, 2002

Very good art site, thanks

, us
March 23, 2002

I have spent many happy hours browsing the artists. It has been highly educational and inspiring for me. Thank you very much.

Philip Northover,

March 23, 2002

Great idea to have the greatest artists in the world and their works at your fingertips. What a blessing- the world, or at least mine, has changed because of the computer.

Chuck Raynor,, None
Towson, MD, USA
March 23, 2002

How would I find out who produces prints of some of these excellent works. I am especially interested in a wholesaler in Toronto.

Douglas G. Bailey,
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
March 22, 2002

This is a cool site. I love it a lot.


March 22, 2002

Congratulations for an exceptional page

Patricia Vargas,
Lima, Peru
March 22, 2002

It is the best art site I have ever seen!!!!

Ursula, Wojcik, -
Szczecin, -, Poland
March 22, 2002

it very good experience to visit your wonderfull site which gave me new inspirations

shafique farooqi,, hotmail research / for shafique farooqi artist
lahore, punjab, pakistan
March 21, 2002

I had a wonderful friend send a beautiful postcard from your site. I found it very rewarding to browse through. Thanks Thelma for the beautiful postcard and wonderful way to view art! Sherie'

Sherie' L Otteson,
Redding, CA, USA
March 21, 2002

I recently made a journey to Rome. As I am very interested in the works of Caravaggio I took the opportunity to download several of his works, such as The Conversion of Saul, The Calling of Matthew etc. Then I showed them to my travel companions as well as your interpretations. That was most helpful when we saw the actual pictures on the walls of a chapel in the church San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome. I've tipped members of my staff to use your web gallery for the same purposes. Thank you very much for allowing people to download without cost. Yours very truly Christian

Christian Borgström,
Stockholm, Sweden
March 21, 2002

Astounding and all !!!!!

Bettina Brancato,
San Pedro, Calif., USA
March 21, 2002

your music is beautifull/and your web [site is excellent,thanks. sandi t.

sandra, babygirl777, yahoo
algood, tennesee, america
March 21, 2002

Ecce quam bonum et quam iucundum! If all web sites were up to your standard, what a wonderful world this would be. You are doing a great service to all lovers of beauty worldwide. Keep it up!

Roma, Italy
March 21, 2002

good site

ale,, no page
milano, italy, italy
March 21, 2002

This site, is so very helpful, Im a Year 13 student at high school, and this year am doing art history, art painting and art design. This site is a very useful information site, in helping me understand the terms (glossary) in my courses. I thank you so much for letting me have the oppotunity to browsing your site. Keep up the good work! p.s my website, will have some of my reasearch and works in it, if you want to check it out. (It is not done yet, but good things take time)

Olyvia Faitala,,
, New Zealand
March 21, 2002

Super, just looking for information about Peter Coecke van Aelst, and completely amazed of the world i fell into (especially the possibility to choose music is very nice.

Rik van Wegen,
Maastricht, Netherlands
March 21, 2002

A wonderful site. I log on and just get lost in all that you have to offer.

barbara lindner,
Northville, Michigan, USA
March 21, 2002

Your website is very beautiful.But I think you should provide a wider range of paintings to send.

Brodarics Judit,
Nagykanizsa, Hungary
March 20, 2002

this page is very nice and it is very good to have you're site and the information on the internet good luck

julie diepemaat,,
Groenlo, Gelderland, Holland
March 20, 2002

enjoyed your site and links

Loree Harpole,
Rochester, NY, US
March 20, 2002

What a marvelous site! You have done well in creating this! Best of wishes to you on it's future.

March 20, 2002

i love u

keke, 3521, kk
st.louis, mo.
March 19, 2002

I am very impressed with your site. I can find everything so easily. It's nice to see some of the lesser known artist work. I was looking all over for Frans Snyders works when I found your site and now it is one of my favorite sites. I am an amature painter, and I learn a lot from it, as well as beeing inspired by it. It is LOOOOVELY> Thank you. Edie

Lewistown, Ill, USA
March 19, 2002

Oh, this gallery is so great! I'm speechless for the first time in internet. True thanks.

Riga, Latvia
March 19, 2002

can you tell me more about micheal angelo? because i am doing a school project about famous artists

bhagya de silva ,
al-khor, qatar, qatar
March 19, 2002

It was really good and it helped me with wy art assignment rock on 2002, Robert

Robert Beters, google
Mt Tyson, Q.L.D, Aussie
March 19, 2002

Thank you!

Rudy Hurlbert,
Gulfport, MS, USA
March 18, 2002

É com imensa alegria e satisfação que pude rever mais uma das grandes obras de Girolomo Pompeo Batoni. Causou-me profunda emoção, pois sou descendente desse espetacular e magistral pintor, pois minha família também tem a sua origem na região da Toscana, Pizza, mais especificamente Vicopisano. Cordiais saudações Batoni

Ranieri Jaupery de Deus BATONI,
Amparo, São Paulo, Brasil
March 18, 2002


March 18, 2002

I love this site. It really helped me with my history project that I had to do on Donatello. The pictures and information it really helped me....Thanks for this great site...

March 18, 2002

I am an artist and visit this web site may be every day.It's great that existing so beautifull and large collection on-line. Thank you very much for your web site. Sincerely Yours: Ilian Rachov

Turin, Italy
March 17, 2002

A lovely site, and easy to use.

Margaret G Powling,

March 17, 2002

This is an incredible site!

Gregg Elpers,
Wichita, Kansas, United States
March 17, 2002

I am deeply moved with the quality of your pictures and their presentation Best regards Yves Letournel

Yves Letournel,
Tokyo, Japan, France
March 17, 2002

great site: lots of information ... please, visit our site .. it is new and we are still learning. thanks, pat

, WA. / N.J., USA
March 17, 2002

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27 IDX 106 - Odinn,
Akranes, ICELAND
March 17, 2002


alan duval, tazny1@aol
bronx, NY, NY
March 17, 2002

veramente un gran lavoro . Buon divertimento agli amanti dell arte

, italia
March 17, 2002

This is truly one of the VERY BEST sites on the web - up there with Project Gutenberg - you really are making the most of the technology ; I can't thank you enough for your efforts and their superlative results.

Wraith Ravenscroft

March 17, 2002

Fantastic site! Hope to see all paintings like this site do

Jonathan Calleja,
Hamrun, Malta
March 16, 2002


March 16, 2002

this site is amazing. i couldn't believe all that i found and the amazing quality of the images. it's so awesome that there's a site like this and i thank you for getting me through my Renaissance Venice art history exams!

san francisco, california
March 16, 2002

This siite is very helpful in my study of Baroque Art.

Angela M. Nelson,
Harker Heights, Texas, US
March 16, 2002

I LOVE the information provided by Web Gallery!!! it's so clear and fun and easy to use, especially for my research papers. THank You Emil Keren and Daniel Marx!

Sydney Delaney, sydchik83
Los Angeles, CA, USA
March 16, 2002

Bravo et continuez. It is great to visit such a museum at one's pace...The site is loaded with information and easy to use.

francine bérubé,
Ottawa, canada
March 16, 2002

Excellent! I've been searching for info on Judith and Holofernes and eventually found the apocryphy this evening, even though i searched my bible dilligently. I recently became a fan of Caravaggio and saw a painting of his in the National Gallery in Dublin, Eire. I now feel at rest knowing for sure that it is a biblical story, whereby i was debating before as to whether it was of not, as there is no mention of them in the bible whatsoever., but it is quite fesible for this to have taken place because of what King Nebuchanezzer did at that time, only Holofernes was never mentioned directly as the Kings cheif commander and 'right hand man' as such.

Maria M jevremovic,
Coventry, Great Britain
March 15, 2002

Thank you for providing a site full of beauty and grace. I prefer this to "dancing kitty" postcards!

Cisco, TX, USA
March 15, 2002

It`s a fantastic gallery, Good Luck!

Monica Amberger,
Skellefteå, Sweden
March 15, 2002

Love this site! Ciao, Alisa

, Italy
March 15, 2002

I Luv Your Site!

Spot McCoy,, None
Lexington, Kentucky, USA
March 15, 2002

it is awful stinks ect.

Henry G,, Dollars
nk, Ga, U S of A
March 15, 2002

I love your website! It is the my most wonderful discovery this year!

Linda Lin,
Irvine, CA, USA
March 15, 2002


carmen flores, short n crazy at
silver spring, m.d., U.S.A.
March 15, 2002

I really like your website, but tried on several occasion, to send a e-card, but it was not received. Do not, what I adoing wrong. Sincerely, Veronika

Veronika von Vegesack,
Port Townsend, Wa. 98368, USA
March 14, 2002

I've been losing all faith and interest in the web for a while now. But tonight, on a whim, I went looking for a palm tree and some birds that Van Eyck painted once (in his Ghent altarpiece). And I found this site! I'm really glad it's here, and very grateful to it's compilers and everyone who keeps it going, and remembering what the net can be. Thank you very much. And if you're just passing through, here's the tree:

Peter Hines,,
Warkworth, New Zealand
March 14, 2002

the best picture i ve seen

, hampshire
March 13, 2002

Art is....

Buccinasco, Italy
March 13, 2002

Great site, keep up the good work. Good Luck

Clewiston, FL, USA
March 13, 2002

it stinks

bill,, none
yt, tn, usa
March 12, 2002

J'ai enfin fini d'archiver toutes les images de votre site. J'en profite pour vous féliciter à nouveau pour l'immense qualité de vos reproductions et de vos commentaires. Merci!!!!!

Brun frédéric,
vaujours, FRANCE
March 12, 2002

Great sight. Keep up the goodwork. Thanks!

New Orleans, La., U.S.A.
March 12, 2002

As a teacher of Middle School and High School students this site is priceless! Thankyou very much.

Jennifer Broderick,
Billings, Montana, United States
March 12, 2002

Great Site!! Very comprehensive and helpful. Your scans are also excellent. I will recommend it!

Mark Fox,
San Diego, CA, USA
March 12, 2002

very interesting. i enjoied very much

ramesh j. bendre,
Pune, Maharashtra, , India, India
March 11, 2002

Like your site. Please, visit mine.

Mark Tross,,
Lackawaxen,, Pa., USA
March 11, 2002

This site has been so helpful to me. I am an art major at McKendree College and am currently enrolled in Art History. I used your site as a source when I created a slide show to help study for my exams. I really appreciate the time that you have put into the site. It is nicely done.

Lebanon, Illinois, United States
March 11, 2002

I love your site. My hobby is sewing period clothing and I study the all the details of the clothing. Thank you for making this possible.

Diane Nygaard,
St. Paul, MN, USA
March 11, 2002

Brillant PAINTINGS dATED 10 3 02

Darryl Matthews, Darrylgeoffrey01@ataol, 82 Oakington Drive
Sunbury, Middx, England
March 10, 2002

Thankyou it was good fun looking at your site

Gosport, Britain
March 10, 2002

My first visit!!! Thankyou - thankyou - thankyou - it was just SO wonderful -- I have neglected my children!!! I cannot wait for my daughters to commence their study of art history with such a wonderful resource as this to ignite their souls and inspire their spirits!!

Julie Parkinson
Newcastle, NSW, Australia
March 10, 2002

Truly amazing!My boyfriend and I spent hours last night in converation about the Vatican and the paintings.I was so overwhelmed with the history of these wonderful paintings that he sent me your web site.Thank you for bringing life to a wonderful piece of history.

Antoinette Pastore,
melbourne, victoria, Australia
March 9, 2002

Thank you so much for creating this wonderful site! I'm doing a biography on an artist named Donatello. Your site gave me most of all of I needed. Thank you, ~Megan


March 9, 2002


March 9, 2002

This is the best site I have ever visited. Thank you. Thank you.

Xi Van Fleet, xvanfleet
Fairfax, VA, USA
March 8, 2002

This website is nice and it is a good educational site for people of all ages....

Nazareth, Pa, USA
March 8, 2002

Was very peticular in nature. Had some very interesting details that i could never hve jsut learned from a book.

Jack, Joker,
idaho, wissconsin, USA
March 8, 2002

The highlight of our trip to Italy was the mission to find the madonna del parto. I have never been so moved by a wok of art and enjoyed the adventure of finding and viewing the fesco with friends and family

Mary Hesdorffer,
March 8, 2002

i am very touched by all the 9-11. pictures-their special to me because i was raised in n.y. and had visited the twin towers many many of times.god bless all the emercency workers-thank you!

dawnmarie caracci-hays,
crystal river, fla., u.s.a.
March 8, 2002

I am really impresed by your site, I didn't know this kind of site could exist and you don't know how much you help us in order to could know what we can not reach. I really love to could travel and see every picture personally but your site is wonderfull. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and keep working doing well your job.

Victor Campos C.,
Santiago, Chile
March 8, 2002

I think that this website should have more games on it. There are not enough games on this site. You can never have to many games on a site. Or maybe you should consider putting on flashing advertising all over the screen that would make this site WAY COOL!!

Joe Blow,
, Canada
March 7, 2002

Of such history I had not known, until reading this very interesting and explanitory description. For this generously historical and most indiscriminately candid explanation of such honorous architecture and it's floral and dramatic beginnings, I thank you and extend my recommendation and appreciation.

Todd Lowery,,
Richardson, Texas, United States of America
March 7, 2002

nice and useful, easy to work with, good search facilities; the information itself is rather superficial, but will do as a starter for further rsearch. Thank you

nora schadee,
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
March 7, 2002

I love islamabad....

Bilal Asghar,
Islamabad, Pakistan
March 7, 2002

Strassenmaler,Streetpainter,Chalkpainter in Germany. Mfg R.Jacobeit jr.

Rudolf Jacobeit,,
Geldern, Germany, Deutsch
March 7, 2002

Today I discovered the Web Gallery! What a find! We are a home schooling family that enjoys art. It is wonderful to have a site to return to whenever we want to view the works of some famous and some not so famous artists. I look forward to exploring your site further when I have more time. Right now its time for Math. Thanks for putting this all together in one place!

winston-salem, nc, usa
March 6, 2002

che bel sito!!!


March 6, 2002

Nice page <a href=>ÉÎÔÅÒÎÅÔ-ÍÁÇÁÚÉÎ</a>


March 6, 2002

Nice page


March 6, 2002

To whom it may concern: 3-06-2002 If you know os any of Mr.Pisano'smost famous works could you please email me and let me know, as I need this information for a school project. Thank You for your time. Sincerely, Libby McDavid

Libby,, NONE
Winchester , Indiana, US
March 6, 2002

I really enjoyed looking through this site. I found it very helpful since I'm taking art appreciation and I really hated art but now it seems very interesting. Thanks for making it easier on me and I hope people like me, visit this site more often.

Nancy Mejia,
Odessa, Texas, USA
March 5, 2002

Wonderful site. My purpose was to locate a portrait of the Apostle Paul by Rembrandt. I would like to use it for the cover of a commentary on Ephesians that I am currently preaching and writing in the church I pastor. This is more ministry than a money-making venture. It will be self-published. Your permission would be appreciated. The portrait is: "Apostle Paul, 1635, Oil on canvas, 135 x 111 cm, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna." Thank you for your consideration. God bless.

Dr. J. D. Watson,,
Meeker, CO, USA
March 5, 2002

What a fabulous web page. Congratulations to your webmaster ! It is such a refined and also didactic way to be introduced or to rediscover painting. This time Masaccio for me, next time another. It is my birthday and finding this page was like a gift, a marvellous gift to me. THANK YOU.

Estelle Geudelin,, in work
Basle, Switzerland
March 5, 2002

I am looking for someone who can give me some info of a pic that I purchased at a small country auction. It has a name on it of Goivanni. It features a MAdonna holding a child out to a man. The child almost glows. It is set in a wooded area. I know it is very old as the paper is very brittle.Anyone with info on this, please contact me.

Ann Peters,
Oscoda, Michigan, USA
March 5, 2002

Great site

Robert,, none
Zwevegem, Western Flanders, Belgium
March 5, 2002

deze site is saai voor als je niet van geschiedenis houd maar de spellentjes zijn wel geinig !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oja

gwenny grooet,
berlijn, roterdam, turkije
March 5, 2002

Thank you for the interest pictures, specially for the beautiful Flemich Illuminations.

willy catoor,
brugge, belgium
March 4, 2002

If we could just get all some so called "science and engineering" sites as intuitive as yours, then very soon we would all be user friendly. Well done.

Dr B J Tymons,
, UK
March 4, 2002

Cada vez que entro neste site fico verdadeiramente deslumbrado e, consequentemente maravilhado pela riqueza de pinturas, que me elevam às coisas mais nobres e dígnas de serem experimentadas nesta vida. A beleza me faz entrever a mão de Deus e, me tornar uma viva transparência da essência divina! O que dizer das iluminuras góticas? Atordoante...!

Oscar Bailoni,
São Paulo, SP., Brazil
March 4, 2002

congratulations for the webmaster and all the crew of this exellent page. I found it very usefull and complete. thanks a lot

Chihuahua, Chihuahua, México
March 3, 2002

Alice Giraud et son Fils Olaf Van CLEEF visiteront les Palais Pontificaux à l'occasion de la Visite Officielle qu'ils feront au Vatican ,en Septembre 2002......

Olaf van cleef et Alice Giraud,, ........
Monte Carlo, Principauté de Monaco
March 3, 2002

Hi, You have a great website!! I've become interested in the works of Fra Filippo Lippi and; I was wondering if you know of his painting "The Virgin"? I would appreciate a reply sent to my email. Thank you for enabling me to enjoy so many beautiful works of art! Lois Wilson

Lois Wilson,
Roscommon, MI, USA
March 3, 2002

Thank You for sharing this site. Hope people can enjoy this for years to come.

Paul Edmiston,
Kirtland, Ohio, U.S.A
March 3, 2002

Thank you for the beautiful illustrations. It is a privelege to veiw these manuscripts which are usually hidden in some European manuscript gallery.

Helen Arenwalde,
Scarborough, N.Y, N.Y., U.S.A.
March 2, 2002

I appreciated the hard work in research that went into the presentation. The paintings were so nice to see as I probably will never be able to see in person.

A. Mary Brockert,
Madison, WI, USA
March 2, 2002

Fabulous !!!!! the most wonderful way to be introduced to painting ! Your website should be reimbirsed by social security !! May you thrive on for the next 25 centuries !!

nicolas meyer,
Strasbourg, France
March 1, 2002

Fantastic Tour ~ My Child will be able to use it for Home work information ~ THankyou

Portsmouth, UK
March 1, 2002

I can not thank you enought for putting all these great pieces of work in one website. I went throught my art history class relying on your website to teach me about renessance and it paid off. You have done a great job thank you

tom zokaie,
tarzana, ca
March 1, 2002

This is what the Internet was designed for. The sharing of information.

Phillip Senn,,
Hickory, NC, USA
March 1, 2002

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Father Vladimir,
Valamo Monastery, Heinavesi, Finland
February 28, 2002

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February 27, 2002

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February 27, 2002

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February 27, 2002

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Charles Castagno,,
Laguna Niguel, California, USA
February 19, 2002

How beautiful. This reminds me of a visit to Europe five years ago. I have two old framed prints: Landscape with Figures by Domenichino and The Lake of Albano by Philipp Hackert. Can you help establish value? I was just so thrilled to find both artists while browsing...

DeLaine Anderson,
Excelsior, MN, USA
February 19, 2002

Thank you for your wonderful site. I am European, but live in the States. I miss being surrounded by art. Your site enables me to recall, or compare paintings without travelling huge distances. Sometimes it is a treat to just sit and look at the Old Masters. Once again, Thank you.

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February 13, 2002

Studying John, Ch 14 in Bible Class and Isenheim Altarpiece was depicted as part of the lesson. Your site explained the picture very well. Glad I found you!!

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Ron Goss,
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Just stopped in momentarily - saw the Sistine Chapel and its works. Fabulous. I will be back to look further. Thank you for sharing the beauty.

MJ Stahl
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February 8, 2002

Hello: i can see in your art page some pictures of Boucher. I have 2 pictures but I don't know what painter is. Can you tell me some information about this? I'm waiting for your answer. Best regards. Oscar Vechio - ARGENTINA

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February 5, 2002

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January 26, 2002

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January 24, 2002


Peggy Nijam,
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
January 23, 2002

I have a painting from Bartolome Esteban Murillo (Adoracion al Nino - Adoration to the Child). Does anyone know where I can find information about its value?

Miami, Florida, USA
January 22, 2002

The gallery is great, well-thought out and nice to use. Thank you very much!

, Finland
January 22, 2002

The self -portrait of Rembrandt 1606 hanging in the Metropolitan art museum is beautiful. I have the original Copy stamped and signed from the Metropolitan Museum dated 1938 when my grandfather painted for them. When he left he took all his works with him. Right now I am trying to match artist with paiting and this is the first painting I have mached. Your sight is a great help, since I no nothing of art. thanks. Oh ya. I am wondering if there is value to these old paintings that once hung in the museum. Joel Burke. Granfather Edward Burke pianter

Joel Burke,
Fair Oaks, Ca, us
January 22, 2002

This is an awesome collection of art. It is really interesting and there is lots of it.

David S
Austin, Texas, United States of America
January 22, 2002

What a fantastic site, some of these types of web gallerys are just frustrating, giving you a glimpse of one or two works by an artist. The range and detail is execellent. I make reproduction costumes in the UK for museums and statley homes and have already found your recently discovered site invaluable - thanks for all your work!

Godalming, Surrey, England
January 22, 2002

Thank for web gallery of art

Dr. Nguyen Van Ngoc,
Hanoi, Vietnam
January 22, 2002

Thank you very much for the wonderful website! My MIST ancestors lived in Amesbury, Wiltshire, in the 1600, 1700 and 1800's, and attended the parish church of St. Mary and St. Melor. Many were baptised, married and buried there. We attended a church service there in the spring, 2000 and saw the exceptional history pageant. How wonderful for us to see an illuminated picture from the Amesbury psalter on your website! We also listened to 16th century music. It is amazing that we were able to enjoy such special reminders of our ancestors, right here in our own home. Thanks to those who contribute to this unique website. best wishes, Judy Fleming (nee Mist)

Judy Fleming (nee Mist),
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
January 22, 2002

This site has been a valuable tool for supplementing outdated texts in my freshman Fine Arts Class. Thank you for making this site available. I did notice a discrepancy in the dates for Jan Lys. The top of the page places his death in a different location and two years earlier than the last sentence.

A. Compton,
Hutsonville, IL, USA
January 21, 2002


David MacSween,
Cape Breton Island
January 21, 2002

to whom it may concern please add my e-mail address to your list thank you Natasha Klein

Natasha Klein,
adelanto, california, u.s.a.
January 21, 2002



January 21, 2002

What a great web site! I love it. Finally a place where I can send intelligent emails. If only I had had this site when I was studying Fine Arts. Love you all, Dee

dee skaramaga,
paroikia, paroikia, greece
January 21, 2002

I just recently found your Web Page. I really wish, that I had found it earlier, like ten years ago?? I have been doing art studies of the Old Masters for the past ten years and really had to look into art books, pictures etc.etc. to help me with my work. Your images are really great and I will use this source for any further art studies that I do. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Thanks TP

Tony Padworski,,
Palmdale, Ca., USA
January 21, 2002

Très beau site et très intéressant. Nous avons trouvé la documentation que nous voulions. Bravo et merci

José Taillefer,
St-Hippolyte, Québec, Canada
January 20, 2002

Hi. I'm so happy because I could find good images of tempera works in 1400's ~1500's. I'm preparing tempera exhibition with my friends and teacher. However, we couldn't discover good images of great artist's tempera works.(Here is Korea, so it is not easy that many artist in korea find good information and materials about art.) In this respect, this site gives helps to prepare our exhibition. Thanks a lot.

Han Jung Hee,
seoul, South Korea
January 20, 2002

I was a little surprised to find no entries for the Impressionist painters. Otherwise, this site is excellent.

David Otto,, None
Huntington, West Virginia, U.S.A.
January 20, 2002

Their are so much Van CLEEF in the New World.. Congratilations, you have a very educated site.. olaf Van CLEEF, of Paris

Olaf Van CLEEF, of Paris-France,,
Paris, France..
January 20, 2002

What a wonderful site!

Michael Nordberg,
Tungelsta, Sweden
January 20, 2002

What an absolutely wonderful, charming and infomative set of articles and information for all to enjoy. I just loved it.

Alice E. Moyer,
Wernersville, Pennsylvania, USA
January 19, 2002

I am a theoretical physicist and an artist, and currently completing a book entitled "Leonardo's Legacy: the Unity of Science and Art." I've been writing the book for two years, but that is just the tip of a massive iceberg in time. I've lectured on the subject around the world for two decades, including at Oxford, Caltech, Univ. of Vienna, and Princeton. Yours is quite simply the finest site featuring Leonardo's works of art, and there is accompanying period music to boot! Thank you.

Professor Bulent Atalay,
Fredericksburg, Virginia
January 19, 2002

Extremely fine work, please give us more.

Carroll E Fix,
Ballwin, MO, USA
January 18, 2002

I can to Rome in 1996, just after the death of my mother. Although I'm not a Catholic I had the most wonderful time in the Vatican museums, and in St Peters, it was the most restful and relaxing place I've ever been. The beauty of man's achievements in Art were magnificent and the feeling of holiness in the bascilica were wonderful.

, UK
January 18, 2002

This is quite extraordinary--a literate and perceptive site, dedicated to significant work, with marvelously user-supportive features. I wish you every success, and hope you will continue to support this effort which you have so marvelously undertaken.

Gerbrand Poster III,
Greenville, SC, USA
January 18, 2002

I think the collection is delightful and have very much enjoyed getting in touch with friends this way. Thank you. Is there any chance you would include some modern art?

Penelope Carter,
Rochester, NY, USA
January 18, 2002

THANKS A LOT FOR THE NICE PAGE. it was a great help for my English lesson. Thanks

Katrin Schuster,
Hannover, Lower Sax, Germany
January 17, 2002

I would like to find out about my grandfather Agidio J Diodati. Born in either Abruzzo Itlay or Civitaquana. Lived in Springfield Mass Two son Richard and Raymod Diodati

Dolores A Diodati Peletier, depeletier,
Greenfield, Mass, Franklyn
January 17, 2002

This web site waz really kewl

Jake Beaty,, n/a
Midlothian, Illinois, U.S.A.
January 17, 2002

I was particularly chuffed with the ability to listen to a few medival goat bladder riffs while purusing (spellling)your excellent site. The little number 'Je sussi Aussi' was appealing as being from Australia I took the title to be some homage or preminition of the existence of the wide brown land down here. merci, Mr Conradsen.

Kimm Conradsen,
Sydney, Australia
January 17, 2002

I find your site so comprehensive and very useful in assistance of my studies of the History of Art. The artists of whom I have never heard are to be found with ease on your site, examples of their work help me with my homework and the examinations at the end of the course. It is such an enjoyable way of studying Art and The Artists.Thank you.

Barbara G. Le Blanc,
Scunthorpe, N. Lincs, England
January 17, 2002


January 16, 2002

I espicially liked the background music while browsing. Thank You,

Carr, Michael,, 11906 Cliffgate
Houston, Tx, USA
January 16, 2002

Thank you for the biography on Gaudenzio Ferrari. I saw a lovely painting by him in, of all places, the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida. Although I was an art history major many years ago, I was not familiar with his work, but was captivated by the one painting I saw. I immediately saw the influence of the Mona Lisa in the face of his madonna, and was pleased to see your website confirm the strong influence of Leonardo on his work. Do you have more links on him? I'd love to go a little deeper. Constance Crooker

Constance Crooker,
Portland, OR, USA
January 16, 2002

Great site!!!

Jack L. Henry,
Cabot, , Arkansas-72023, USA
January 16, 2002

great site.


January 15, 2002

Dear Sirs, I wrote back in Dec 11 2001.To tell You that VERMEER/Tracy Chevalier's "Girl with P"will be filmed at Delft Bagynhof-114 instead of Poland with a new Lead: Ms.Corinne VanRijnswoude, as a Native"Griet" by Director Arthur K.Wheelock of : his personal E-mail was hard to procure BAGYNHOF-114 is the very City-Mansion where Vermeer painted all of his interior-rooms and Girls It has been neglected as a /THE Major Vermeer Site for: a good 330 yers now but the Year 2004 will be the "Official-Dutch Vermeer Year" with films and manifestations; 3d-postcards and a Vermeer look-alike-contest. PS my E-Mail address is just whishfull thinking!

MUSTER,Alexander MinderbrerSt30,NL-2611 MV Delft Holland,
Delft, MinderBrer St.30, NL-2611 MV Holland
January 15, 2002

Hello from the Wizard

The Wizard,,
New Orleans, La., USA
January 15, 2002

I am very impressed. Will be back often. Thank you

S. J. Cipriano,
Weymouth, MA, USA
January 15, 2002

This site was really great and imformative! I was doing a project on Renaissance painters and I found almost all my imformation on this site! It was really interesting and put together very well! Some day I would like to visit Rome! Thanks again!

Laura MacLean,
North Sydney, Nove Scotia, Canada
January 15, 2002

Thank you very much, nice site I will be back to look and use it again. Joyous Blessings & keep up the fine work. Aloha Amadeus

Eugene, Oregon, USA
January 14, 2002

can you help me find mrs. rebecca kubota's e-mail address. please help me.

aireen krizea m. clarete,, yahoo
batangas, batagas, philippines
January 14, 2002

Great web site - terrific help in studying my Art History Course.

Mrs Nancy Watkins,
West Hoathly, West Sussex, England
January 13, 2002

Wonderful! Many thanks. Finalmente una intelligente applicazione della tecnologia internet.

Roberto Motalli,
, Italy
January 13, 2002

I have a print of "The Savior" by Michael Muncaszy and am interested in learning more about him. I am also of hungarian descent.

Lorraine Varga,
Center Cross, Virginia, USA
January 13, 2002

Realmente este site é maravilhoso, nos permitindo uma viagem atraves do tempo, da arte e da história. Parabéns. This website is really wonderful, being permitted a trip through the time, of the art and of the history. Congratulations.

Ilmar Souza,
Curitiba, Pr, Brasil
January 13, 2002

Thanks, I was in a major panic about my homework.I ended up getting an A+ because of this website.

Jessie S.,, /
London, /, England
January 13, 2002

Excellent! Art and beauty are special ways for opening to God's presence among us. You are contributing to this with your Gallery. Thank you! Fernando Salas SJ

Fernando Salas SJ,
Rome, Italy
January 13, 2002

I love your website. It's a source both of aesthetic pleasure and of useful historical information. I hope you will keep and improve it. My most sincere compliments.

Brunello Lotti,
Udine, Friuli, Italy
January 13, 2002

It is a VERY comprehensive website for classic art!! I think is the best available online! I'm a a painter myself and I really enjoy browsing your website for research, knowledge, information; and last but not least inspiration. Not to mention the great thing of being ableto listen at the music of the periods and really feel fully immersed into the past! Congratulations for your well daone job! Giovanni

Giovanni,, NIL
Ho Man Tin, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR
January 13, 2002

It was a pleasure looking at this sight. I love art and this is a perfect place to learn and see things I havent been able to see in a long time! Thank you!

Ashlie ,
Denver, CO, United States
January 12, 2002


David Hargreaves,, HIbaldstow
lincoln, Lincs, U.K
January 12, 2002

This is the nicest, cutest, most inteligent and user friendliest site with superior functionality I ever saw, and I saw hundreds of very good webstites, but none of them is so well organized. It's like playing your favorite computer game. Most webdesigner would use flash for this. Designer here used brain. CONGRATULATIONS. Ivan

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
January 12, 2002

It´s great

Jose Henrique Mendonça Marchini,
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil
January 11, 2002

Take a look at a Italian-American artist by the name of Angelo Sena note: "Out in Front" Sign his guestbook or contact him with any questions or interests.


January 11, 2002

Truly wonderful experience! To be repeated whenever possible. Thanks.

Diane Gregory
, England
January 11, 2002

this galllery stinks, you dont have pablo picasso, miro, francis bacon or matisse!

dot perry,
January 11, 2002

It is a great pleasure for me to search through the Web Gallery of Art whenever having a pause in my dayly schedule. I was delighted to see majority of the world famous artists/painters with thair biographies and work such nicely organized and available to every admirer with computer access. I also appreciate very much the possibility to have the paintings of my most cherished artists (Renaissance being on the top of the list) as my desktop.

Marija Radojcic,,
Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia
January 10, 2002

I want to see picture from the middle agaes because I am studing it

anna robbins, acrtweety
nyc, ny, usa
January 9, 2002

Very good art site, thanks.

cv thomas artist,
kottayam, kerala, india
January 9, 2002


January 8, 2002


January 8, 2002

nice pictures and good enough information.

Petra Nip
Zwolle, Netherlands
January 8, 2002

I loved the gallery, or atleast what I looked through. Hopefully when I have more time I will be able to look through the rest of the collection. You had a good collection of Botticelli, who is my favorite so that was good, however the painting I liked the most was not done by him, it was the "The Last Judgement" By Michelangelo. It was very intense to me, something about it really caught me and it is also very beautiful.

Nettie Hatcher,
Wesley Chapel , Florida, United States Of America
January 8, 2002

Ich bin vor kurzem auf ihre Webseite gestossen und bin hellauf begeistert. Ich besuche sie jeden Tag und kann mich garnicht sattsehen. Würde sehr gern auch die Maler des 20. Jahrhunderts betrachten. Eine absolut TOP Seite, ich bin ein Fan der Web Gallery of Art

Sigrid Wohlfarth,
Rudolstadt, Deutschland
January 8, 2002

Super Fantastico web site me amigos!!

Nattie Finstermocker
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
January 8, 2002

I think this webpage is spectacular! These pictures are amazingly outstanding, and I they took my breath away! I envy the artists' talents, even though most of them are dead. Thnak you for this wonderful webpage! I shall save it as one of my favorites.

Johnny Knoxville
Mianus, NY, USA
January 8, 2002


Engel Samu,
Wellfleet, Mass, USA
January 8, 2002

Your website, especially the pages about Tintoretto and the Scuola di San Rocco are very useful! You will find a link to your website on my site about Sartre and Tintoretto: Thank you H. Wittmann

Heiner Wittmann,,
Stuttgart, GERMANY
January 7, 2002

This is truly an amazing web-site. My son had a copy of Las Meninas by Diego de Velazquez painted for me, so I sent him a postcard of the painting which I'm sure will surprise him when he receives it in Vietnam.

Shirley M. Monk,
Boynton Beach, Florida, USA
January 7, 2002

Your post cards are beautiful and they really send a message.

Ana Cardona,
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
January 7, 2002

enjoyed viewing

Alphonsus McAfee, none, uk on line
, n. Ireland
January 6, 2002

Thanks for a great web- site. The postcard faciltiy is fun and having found you by chance you are now a firm favourite!!!

Jenny Roman ,
Teddingon, Middlesex , UK
January 6, 2002

Needless to say this has not been a normal holiday season in NYC. A sudden death in the family delayed my sending Christmas greetings to friends and family. But, thanks to your site I was able to send our greetings to them on Three Kings Day by sending Adoration of the Magi using your postcard service. Thank you.

Aida Ruiz,
New York, NY, USA
January 6, 2002

Wonderfully designed website! I was looking to refresh my memory of some Luca Signorelli paintings & ran a Google search & wound up here. It's a thorough delight. I love the postcard functionality! Thanks for all of the thoughtful work that went into this site.

Swamps of, Jersey, USA
January 6, 2002

I adore this site. Nothing like drinking a Budweiser, listening to some Jazz and browsing through your masterpieces. Thank you so much

Brian McGuinness,
Bournemouth, Dorset, UK
January 6, 2002

This morning, Sunday January 6th 2002, I came onto a wonderful TV Presentation of Rogier van der Weyden and his St. Colomba Altarpiece. I became very interested but didn't get the names properly. Sowith the help of Internet and Copernicus I finally arrived at your webbsite with fine pictures of the masterpiece i wanted information on. I am enthousiastic and grateful for what you have collected, and are presenting. Thank you very much indeed! Lars Sikström

Lars Sikström,
Valbonne, France
January 6, 2002

Eine ausgezeichnete Galerie, einfach zu bedienen und hervorragend aufbereitet! Nur leider sind sehr wenig österreichische Maler vertreten. Trotzdem Gratulation !

Friedrich Puecher,
Wien, Austria
January 6, 2002


Novelli Roberta
, Italia
January 5, 2002

A hearty round of applause to you both for such a very fine web-site! Thank you for the opportunity to view such exquisite masterpieces; the music accompaniment is a thoughtful final touch. Best wishes to you in all your endeavors. Carol Furnoy; Roseville, CA

Carol Furnoy,
Roseville, CA, USA
January 5, 2002

Best Art web site I have every been on. On the internet.

Paul Reilly,
Lake Hamilton, Fl, USA
January 4, 2002

Great runner bird site!

Rick Seely,,
Whitefish , Montana, U.S.A.
January 4, 2002

No words, no comments! Just sit and enjoy surfing trough art and centuries Thanks

Custers Ludo,
January 3, 2002

This is an excellent website! Thank you for all of your hard work and the ease of using it!

Kathy, cueva
San Diego, CA, USA
January 3, 2002

As a parent volunteer presenter of famous artists at my childrens school, I am overwhelmed by the talent and beauty of these artist's, as portrayed on your wonderful website!! Thank you. I only wish I could take my computer into the classroom's to share this great find with the children! With great appreciation, Beth

Beth Bilodeau
Verona, Wisconsin, USA
January 3, 2002


savannah harley,
mahomet , il, usa
January 3, 2002

Hej I have never seen paintings like thos i my life. It is realy beautfel. God luck

adel saleh,
Aalborg, Denmark
January 3, 2002

Your gallery is wonderful.I was very surprised when I found the pictures of Sebastian Stoskopf.I am looking for some informations about this painter.I need it for my study.I am very glad that your gallery helped me to see the pictures which are not very famous.

Ma³gorzata Sobczak,
Toruñ, Poland
January 3, 2002

Very impressive,even wonderful site,especially info about Bosch.Thank you very much!

Ivar Veshler,
Tel-Aviv, Israel
January 2, 2002

moltissimo! i am learning about italian artists at present and am living amongst perugino's and many other unknown frescoes in the italian countryside. this site is beautiful with very clear images and the music is most fitting to sit and study the images at my own pace. bravo bravo! ciao

johanna hopfmueller,
perugia, umbria, italy
January 2, 2002

What can I say ??? Great? No, EXCELLENT site! By far the best site about art history with beautiful images, worth a thousand books and million words. I keep coming back again and again. Thank you! Emil Gutman Carniolus

Emil Gutman Carniolus,,
Gravenpolder, Netherlands
January 2, 2002

Beautiful colouring. One of the best sites I have seen!!

Victoria, BC, Canada
January 2, 2002

TO: EMIL KREN and DANIEL MARX I have contacted you before and you were very kind to give me some information on how you went about taking your images. I also support Mark Harden and have purchased his CD of his site. I wish that you yourself would also make a CD. Your detailed information and layout of your work is excellent. It is by far the best art site I have visited. I have majored in art and I am a docent at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. Again I wish to express my thanks to you as well as Daniel Marx. Yours truly, Joseph Slavin

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
January 2, 2002

your gallery is extensive, quick to load, easy to navigate, has great quality imaging, and above all has a wonderful collection of great art and informative biographies to match. A real delight.

zurich, switzerland
January 1, 2002

Hi P.P fan, one question. Do you have any painting, of picture of Pieter Pourbus himself??? (well i dont think so) But tanx.(mail me) Greets, Tirza

Terborg, Europa, Netherlands
January 1, 2002

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