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I love firworks.

Gabriel Massa,
Malta, San Gwann, Malta
June 30, 2004

Very interesting site! Lots to look at! I look forward to returning again and learning new things!

Glendale, AZ, USA
June 30, 2004

Thank you!

bremen, de
June 29, 2004

Your site has been so useful for my studies. I'm going to have an Art History exam tommorrow and i hope everything will be allright. Go on! be always really care of the dates of the pictures. Some of them are wrong. Massimiliano

Bologna, Italy
June 28, 2004

love ur site

Song Lyrics,
Costa Mesa, California, USA
June 28, 2004

hello i'm sophie. would you like to be my friend!

aucklund, nz, nz
June 28, 2004

I´d like study Petrus Paulus Rubens, and interpreting this painting whiting phisian look,in the Cambyses Appointing Otanes Judge, of The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Works of Art: European Paintings, have a achondroplastic men, short stature, and facial, desproporcional body, and other signal, who confirm this diagnosis. In Bacchus, Hermitage Museun, the facies alcoolicus are the best, and Bacchus have all the caracterists of a mem bulemic compulsion. And in Tree Graçe, Prado, une grace have a signal of breast cancer, and they was consanguineos origen, sisters and they have clinical signs of hipermotility syndrome, interpreted by Dequeker J, Rico H. Rheumatoid arthritis-like deformities in an early 16th century painting of the Flemish-Dutch school. JAMA 1992;268:249-251, andOs Drs. Juan J. Grau e Jorge Estapé, do Hospital de Clínica e da Universidade de Barcelona, juntamente com Matías Diaz-Padr´on do Museo do Prado de Madri. If you have some idia about this teme send my by e.mail. I´d thiking analise the detais of corporal lesion in Rubens painting. I´m a phisian and work in oncogenética and Forese Phatologi.Tanks. D. C 06/26/2004.

Antonio Jose Brussolo da Cunha,
Dois Corregos, Rua Fernando Costa, 574, São Paulo, Brazil
June 28, 2004

Many thanks to everyone who makes this wonderful site possible.

June 28, 2004

This sajt is a candystore. I have been here since 2000. :-)

Stina Thorin
, Sweden
June 27, 2004

Great site! Congratulations!

Zahnarzt und Arzt Dr. Kisro,
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
June 27, 2004

art is something we need to have a beautifful and meaning full life

jurizen arevalo,
, phillipines
June 27, 2004

Interesting side for many people cordial greets Bernhard

Bernhard Kartes,
Heiligenwald, Saarland, Germany
June 26, 2004


June 26, 2004

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sonur seguridad,
valencia, s, s
June 25, 2004

love ur site

Song Lyrics,
Costa Mesa, California, USA
June 25, 2004


tini winy, julie@peth
pomona, california, estados Unidos
June 25, 2004

Die Werke von Michelangelo (meinem Lieblingskünstler) und so viele andere erfreuen hoffentlich noch viele Besucher dieser Seite genauso wie mich. Vielen Dank für diese schöne und informative Seite.

Cologne, NRW, Germany
June 24, 2004

Browsing at the Web Gallery of Art is a joy: I spend on it a substantial amount of my free time. Thank you

Luigi Cervetto,
Pisa, Italy
June 24, 2004

Found myself here by accident, stayed for a long while, it blew my mind, quite stunning. Well done and keep up the fantastic work.

, UK
June 24, 2004

I love this website and the postcards! I found it by Google. Thanks for being here.

Elizabeth Scott,
Madison, Alabama, USA
June 23, 2004

Hi, you got a very nice site there, tons of work I guess, very interesting, so I will stop by again soon, have a nice day, Susan

Birmingham, GB
June 23, 2004

I thoroughly enjoyed reading at your site. Bookmarked and will visit back soon.


June 23, 2004

Nice website which I discovered thanks to a friend. I will certainly add it to my bookmarks. Keep up the good work and maybe adding some lesser known painters. I miss V.A.Tropinin- Russia Alexis Van Hamme - Belgium 1818-1875 Peter Van Slingelandt- Dutch

Antwerp, Belgium
June 22, 2004

God bless all holy saints who do the will of the Father/Mother God on Earth, without complaining...

ramdeva/raphael dante allegro,
las cruces, new mexico, USA
June 22, 2004

This is an absolutely amazing site. Thanks for the time and effort you have put into it. It is a treasure.

Dr. Arthur Busbey,
Fort Worth, Texas, USA
June 22, 2004

I frequently visit your Web Gallery and I enjoy it very much. I think in his kind its the best iv'e seen. Many thanks and greetings from A.Gundelach

A Gundelach,
Koog a/d Zaan, Noord Holland, Netherlands
June 22, 2004

I know that this site will inspire me to create so much more than I would have had I not ever seen it. I can see myself spending hours looking. Thank you for taking the time to put all this together!

Morganton, NC, USA
June 22, 2004

Very interesting web site, with the best and complete information we need, Thank you O.C.

Orlando Castelblanco,
Weston, Florida, USA
June 21, 2004

I really enjoy this website. There are some interesting things.

n/a, n/a, n/a
June 21, 2004

My interest in The last supper was aroused following reading of The Da Vinci Code novel. Interesting views portrayed in the novel appear to be accurate; views that contradict the traditional Catholic interpretation of Da Vinci's works.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
June 21, 2004

A very interesting website. Thanks to the webmaster.


June 21, 2004

What a wonderful discovery! I was looking for the Vernets. Thank you

Valley Stream, New York, USA
June 20, 2004

I think this is an effort that everyone should be grateful for. The art gallery is something that introduces people to thw world of art. All the info provided are useful for everyone who really is interested in learning more things about the artists.

Melina ,
Thessaloniki, Greece
June 20, 2004

I am a Liberian Refugie Resinding in Abidjan.

Berete Aïssta,
Bidjan, Africa, Côte d'Ivoir
June 19, 2004

Visiting website, thank you. I am a decendant of Tilman Riemenschneider (c. 1460-1531). It seems there is AT LEAST one artist in every generation since. I hope to search in depth in August 2004. Keep the artist in you alive!

, Connecticut, USA
June 19, 2004

Came across your site looking for info about Florence. By far the best I have seen. Will be a regular visitor.

John Meek,
Wallasey, England
June 19, 2004

Came acroos you page by mistake, glad I did thought great info and bueatiful pictures

Linda Morgan,
Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland
June 18, 2004

What a fantastic site! The captioning and links are fantastic, and you also have some of the less mainstream artists (Crivelli, Vivarini, et al). As a professional art historian, this is a site I would recommend to all my students and colleagues. A++!

Loura Brooks
Edinburgh, Scotland
June 17, 2004

I like this website. Great job. It is my first time browsing over it.

Yvonne West,
June 17, 2004

these are lovely inspiring exquisite paintings keep it up!

ogbomoso, oyo, nigeria
June 16, 2004

I am new.

Steen Flemming Jørgensen,
København, Danmark
June 16, 2004

Coincidentally found your site from yahoo, although not good in your language, but however enjoyed very much from what i can understand. A very interesting website indeed. Thanks to the webmaster.


June 16, 2004

This is a wonderful website. I'm glad I found it.

Dorothy Arnold,
Charlotte, NC, USA
June 14, 2004

This is a fantastic site, I have spent far too many hours here lookin at loads of tips etc.... Thanks to everyone who has posted,


June 14, 2004

Do you have any information about the Itallian Renaissance painter, Bernardino Detti, aka d'Antonio? He was born in Pistoia, Italy c1498 and lived until c1566. I have seen one of his paintings, "Madonna of the Pergola" the only painting of his in Pistoia.

Lorye Watson,
June 14, 2004

Wonderful site! We just came back from Venice and wanted to see the beautiful work again. We were especially happy to see the works you included by V. Carpaccio. We were blown away by his work in S. Giovanni degli Schiavonni and the Accademia! (we are artist and an architect)

Pat Lee,
Melbourne, Florida , USA
June 13, 2004

Like this gallery very much.


June 13, 2004

I adore the site and I love all Japanese and Chinese Art. I am a classical composer...... and poet ......from London - UK.

London, UK
June 13, 2004

WOW! This site is definitely one of the best on the net! I am a teacher in arts, music and history, and finally I´ve found a site that gives me picture upon picture for discussion and exploration. My students always wonder where from I get all paintings. The answer´s esay! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Staffan Blixt

Staffan Blixt,
Frövi, Sweden
June 12, 2004

I only wanted to sign in,to let you know that I were here.


June 12, 2004

Lost my dearest boyfriend, and at the same time when I try to quit my gay life forever, the only site that can help me to keep calm is this one. Thanks to the administrator. As we were not open to our community I cannot send the photo of my love. His photo could stand with the others here, no matter what was not created by famous painters.

tuzla, bosnia, bosnia
June 11, 2004

I have just visited your site which I adored I will speak about it with my entourage to make you publicity and still cheer with the webmaster :)


June 11, 2004

I think this site was very helpful and exciting.

, England
June 10, 2004

i dunno.....but i'm interesting about art and design....

bandung, indonesia
June 10, 2004

verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice!

Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA!
June 10, 2004

This site is the one I was looking for,it's perfect for my study. Thanks a lot and I hope you will continue like this for long time. Max

Valencia, Spain
June 9, 2004

Delightful and very holy as God intended a delight in the eyes of Almighty God

Christopher Jones , artdirct
Scaynes Hill, West Sussex, UK
June 9, 2004

Congratulations for such a marvellous site! I wold like to know if in its contents we could find botanical illustrations. Thanks. vera

vera guimaraes correa,
brasilia, df, brasil
June 9, 2004

Website Looks very good.

Sharon Maltius Iyekhor,Jr,
Smyrna, TN, USA
June 8, 2004

i dey here pls keep offffffffffffffffffffff

trezazafdu, okjygre, sgu;,hgr
June 7, 2004

Dear Sir,I have an old rather large picture in pieces of Jesus standing in a field with 3 of his disciples.It is a color picture,I would like to know where I can have this picture restored or find a duplicate copy.It was my Grandmothers.Can you please help me with this.Also it is rather large. Thank You Pamela Carner.

Pamela J Carner,
Mountain View, California, USA
June 6, 2004

I have been looking for the art web like yours for a long time. It's good for my study.

Kampanat P.,
BKK, Thailand
June 5, 2004

no comment....

bandung, indonesia
June 4, 2004

This is the best art site I've ever seen. Thank you very much.

Budapest, Hungary
June 4, 2004

I loved this website even though I have never visited it in my life and GOOGLE just came up with this piece of old wellie. Well,thanks 4 noothing, i'll be visiting you again soon. BYE! ELLA

Ella Pooply,
London, England
June 3, 2004

this site was very useful to me, i am doing Leonardo da Vinci for a history assignment

, australia
June 3, 2004

I love the idea

hedva shemesh,
Jerusalem, Israel
June 3, 2004

Your site is excellent. . Thanks for this wonderful website,............Abid

Abid Ghayyoor,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 2, 2004

Realy great. Thank You.

June 2, 2004

Fancy meeting you here......Nice site my freind...!

, Usa
June 2, 2004

This is a beautiful site. I've had a lot of fun visiting. Thank you for putting it together.

Rich Abbott
Denver, CO, USA
June 1, 2004

again, not much to say


June 1, 2004

Thank you for the resources. Keep up the good work!


June 1, 2004

I enjoyed your site. Very nice. Voodoo Wizard

Voodoo Wizard,
New Orleans, La., usa
June 1, 2004

Tks for your beautiful paintings.

Nguyen Viet Duc,
HCMC, Viet Nam
June 1, 2004

Excellent website, so glad I found it!


May 31, 2004

Beautiful site. I did a word search of Christ's sacrifice. and was linked to the first page. After observing Christ's portrait and the commentary, I immediately e-mailed the link to My Christian friends. As God gives me the opportunity to witness to others; I will surely send them the link, while sharing orally or by e-mail whatever I should share. I look forward to exploring the rest of your site. I did go to the next page and saw that I would need lots of time to look at things in detail, as I will surely due. Keep up the good work. Love in Christ, Gary Hyink

Gary Hyink, grhyink@
New York, NY, USA
May 30, 2004

I am studying Art History. This is an excellent site, and I do enjoy listening to the music of the time with the music you have added. Thank you for a wonderful site!

Debbie Flenniken,
Klamath Falls, OR, USA
May 30, 2004

This is a wonderful website. I found it through Google, looking for Rafaello's portrait of Giuglio de'Medici and spent a pleasant hour checking out Sienese painters, the Pinturicchio frescoes, Massaccio and Piero della Francesco. I'm sending info to friends who teach art history.

Susan McDaniel,
Billings, Montana, USA
May 29, 2004

A tremendous website. A great help in understanding the Sistine Chapel Ceiling by Michelangelo folowing our recent visit there.

B. & W. Hendry
Thunder Bay, Canada
May 29, 2004

Hi, I KNOW the Shroud of Turin is genuine! See: Thank you

Claude Revelation,
May 29, 2004

love dis site

lome, togo, togo
May 28, 2004

Hello to Emil Krén & Daniel Marx. Good work!

May 28, 2004

a very nice gallery

Apostolidis Dimitris,
Veria, Greece
May 28, 2004

HI Nice site .My greatgrandfather is from stuttgart Germany John H Henne 1864..

Palenville, New York, usa
May 28, 2004

great site. I think a great idea would be a messageboard. i haven't found one related to art. perhaps another reader can help.

munich, germany
May 27, 2004

Thank you!!!

S.G Yun
Pusan, Korea
May 27, 2004

It is just fantastic! It offers excellent images and commentatory.

Angus Lee,
, Aunstralia
May 27, 2004

this sight was mostly all the info i needed for my school project

steve Q

May 26, 2004

What a wonderful site! I have found many pictures both familiar and new, and the images are of very high quality. Thank you!

Carol Yannucci,
Centerville, Ma, USA
May 26, 2004

Thanks for all the hard work. You are providing a great service.


May 26, 2004

Thank you!

Hong Kong, SAR, CHINA
May 25, 2004

This site is my the only food, because I'm learning on the Art and Culture Facalty. There are the most qualitific reproductions I've ever seen in Internet. It would be great if you do the sites about another period of art (? Anciant, European and others )

Krasnoyarsk, Russia
May 25, 2004

Excellent and superb Web Gallery of Art. Congratulations

Dr.Teodoro Evans,
San Jose, San Jose, costa rica
May 25, 2004

really well done! thanks for your help. that the best art webpages i had ever visited. good luck!

sonia ,
wroclaw, poland
May 24, 2004

i would really like to thank you for that great webpage.. so THANKS a lot! best wishes.. :)

, poland
May 24, 2004

Thanks for the useful site.Keep up the good work.God bless you and keep you. -John-


May 24, 2004

Wow. That's really great list. Thanx!

ÖØÇì, s, Öйú
May 24, 2004

Thank you for the wonderful pages on Hans Holbein, Hans the Younger. My 7th grade daughter needed this information for a history paper. These pages were the most thorough in detail and information she was able to find.

miki bloom
Petaluma, CA
May 24, 2004

I love this site if i don't have to pay for it

May 23, 2004

Dear Mr Kren, Mr Marx, thank you very much for building up this wonderfull site. I really like it and it was a good help to show my daughter some paintings from the medieval age, which is now topic in her 'kindergarten'. Greeetings from germany, mtk

Marcus Kemper
Oldenburg, Germany
May 23, 2004

Thank you for having created an exceptional site that has recorded a great deal mankinds greatest paintings. Your site represents the most dramatic and gentle revelations of the mastery of creativity itself. This gift of art,(a visual feast, a symphony of color, shape and form, and most importantly a blessing for those who gaze upon it), as expressed by the genius of world class artists.

Rita E. Acuna,
New York City, NY, USA
May 23, 2004

I am trying to find information on the Love family. My father's nme was Willam James...and my grandfather was Samuel. Samuel was married to Marie Magee Love. They were not first generation American's. However, I know that thier family (Love) came from County Cork in Ireland. My immediate aunts and uncles are I find myself on my own. My family settled in the mainline of Philadelphia, PA. and then to Chester Co., PA. They were horsemen. Had a riding Acedemy at each location. They enjoyed fox hunting and horse shows. My father, William (Bill) would judge horseshows in Harrisburg, PA. Thank you for your anticiapted help. Mary Schlichter

Mary Love Schlicthter,
Pottstown, PA, USA
May 22, 2004

olaf van cleef ,dutch painter in paris

olaf van cleef, peintre a Paris

May 22, 2004

Thanks a lot for this web site. It helped me a lot with university presentations.

, Brazil
May 22, 2004


thessaloniki, GREECE
May 21, 2004

Hello! I wonder if anybody could help me to find some information about Gereny/Horjany murals?

Kiev, Ukraine
May 21, 2004

I found this site to be most helpful, when writing my 300 point essay for history at P.J.H.S for Ms. Borges. i had to say the things about El Greco came in very handy and how you stated where you got al you sources from!!!!!!Thanks again!

Chelsea Mattei,
Petaluma , california, United States
May 21, 2004

This is a great site filled with vast amounts of history and there is no doubt your effort is a labor of love. I enjoyed visiting and will return frequently.

Atlanta, GA, USA
May 20, 2004

Thank you for bringing to us such detailed samples of artwork. This is a truly great resource.

Charlotte Blauer,
Portland, Oregon, U.S.
May 19, 2004

Stop the war in Afghanistan!

Joe Smith,
Kabul, Afghanistan
May 19, 2004


sissy jenkins
, usa
May 19, 2004

the site is very useful, it helped me to find interesting details about painting.

May 19, 2004

ciao a tutti!!!!mi ritrovo fortunatamente(perchè senza le vostre immagini non so come avrei fatto)a firmare per la prima volta,ma sicuramente non l'ultima,il vostro guestbook!!!un piccolo commento che posso fare è sicuramente quello di ingrandire un pò di più le immagini,altrimenti in quegli affreschi o dipinti in cui ci sono più di un personaggio non si capisce molto!!!grazie per immagini e commenti un grosso bacio...

taranto, in che senso?forse è studentessa nullafacente, italia
May 19, 2004

Hi ! Currently we have big Problems with mosquitos. If anybody know what to do against mosquito bites,please let us know. Thanks ! Frank


May 19, 2004

This is very interesting and excellent web-site. Thank you very much.

Warszawa, Poland
May 19, 2004

Congratulations for this excellent site, the best I know on art.I make studies of art and it's a precious help.And if would be really perfect with a french traduction!

Paris, France
May 18, 2004

This site is very direct, easy to search, with amazing images. The bio on Caravaggio had just the right amount of information -- not overwhelming, but very informative and helped me to better understand and appreciate his works. Thanks!

Ina Mogensen,
las vegas, NV
May 18, 2004


Anee Hu,
Anycity, Anystate, Estados Unidos
May 18, 2004

This is the best art gallery I have visited so far. Keep up the good work, good luck! Peter <a href="">peter</a>

Piotr Siergiej,
Warsaw, Poland, Poland
May 18, 2004

I love this page. It looks really nice. Keep it up

Asaba Owerri,
aba, imo, lagos
May 18, 2004

Excellent-Will regularly visit the site

Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka
May 18, 2004

Antonio: Grazia per tua messagio. Lo sguardo nella Chiesa Santa Maria, in Pza. del Popolo. Anche un sollievo a terra, alla base dell'obelisco in Pza. San Pietro. Fortuna buona! Desidero che ero lí fare la pista. Carlene Brusca

C. Brusca

May 18, 2004

To view the Sisten Chaple and smell the air as one walks about, is a memory for anyone who has travelled to this great wonderful place on earth.

James Carney II,
Victorville, California, U.S.A.
May 17, 2004

it is a pity, i did not see the movie, i have read the book and also the angels ,lady and the unicorn? The three amazing books ,written by tracy chevalier

breda, noord brabant, holland
May 17, 2004


May 16, 2004

This are very beatiful web pages. Much beauty at a time. Thanks. Josef Novotný - Písek, Czech republic.

Josef Novotný,
Písek, Czech Republic
May 16, 2004

I like the site a lot. I sent you an email. Thanks for all your work. I appreciate it. I will return. :-) cab

Carol Berg,
Wabash, Indiana, United States of America
May 16, 2004


Shauna Riordan

May 16, 2004

I found the site to be great, it has helped me so much with my art history assignments, couldn't have done it without your fabulous site. Keep up the great work!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

May 16, 2004

A positively splendid Web site, and so very well done! The comparison mode is unique in my experience, and so useful. Emil Krén and Daniel Marx have delivered a fine product.

Doug Briggs,
Houston, TX, USA
May 16, 2004

What an amazing website! I wish I could live in here and never leave!

Helen ,
Fairfield, Ohio, USA
May 15, 2004

i have spent all afternoon just entranced in the intracacies of this site. it's better than actually seeing the real thing(which i have) because of the techological imagering. thanks.

peter yakimovich,
vancouver, british columbia, Canada
May 15, 2004

For a presentation of Clementi's Sonata "Didone abbandonata" I was grateful to find your comments on Claude Lorrain's 1676 picture. Thank you, D.Bratuz

Damjana Bratuz,
London, Ontario, Canada
May 14, 2004

I really enjoy your site

madrid, spain
May 14, 2004

Very good. I like very much. Congratulations.

Angel Sanz,
Zaragoza, Spain
May 13, 2004

This is a great site

Madrid, Spain
May 13, 2004

Hi, We just bought a house in the 'Jan van Goyenlaan' and, knowing Jan van Goyen was a painter, I got interested in his work of art. In this web gallery I found exactly what I was looking for, so I'm very pleased. Thanks a lot!

Amstelveen, The Netherlands
May 12, 2004

this art work is very good well got to go c-ya!!!

ST.Johns/NF, canada
May 12, 2004

very interesting

rome, italy
May 12, 2004

Interesante pagina. Luis de Morales " El Divino" de Badajoz es un fiel exponente de la cultura de esta tierra. La poesía mistica que plasma Morales en sus cuadros es extraordinaria.

Francisco González Maqueda,
Alfafar, Valencia, España
May 12, 2004

Just using google to find more about da vinci I found your website. WONDERFUL what you do. thank you for all these pictures (the viewer is also wonderful) and informations. Keep going on! the web needs more like you

, Germany
May 12, 2004

This site is very interesting and informativ, thanx and go on like this.

Stein am Rhein, Switzerland
May 11, 2004

Halló og flott síða

Arnar Örn Ingólfsson,

May 11, 2004

Hello Everyone!!!

Sead Mujanovic,
Tavankut, Serbia , Serbia And Montenegro
May 11, 2004

Very nice display of Renaissance art pictures.

Jordan Pullen,
Bandon, Oregon, United States
May 10, 2004

Lovely!! Thank you so much for this helpful site!

, Germany
May 10, 2004

Excellent site! Thank you very much.

, UK
May 10, 2004

It's a nice site,Congratulation and my best wishes! Thank you and greetings from ShenZhen.


May 10, 2004

I came across your site through a research in college, thank you for the ease with which to read and understand your information. I was looking up information on Enrico Scrovegni. I was surprised to see that there was a chapel that was built due to him. Interesting facts.

, Colorado, USA
May 10, 2004

les felicito por su paciencia y dedicación al crear una página realmente bella y útil.

santiago, metropolitana, chile
May 10, 2004

I see this is a very pleasant place in web to make tours in arts, and I am very interested in themes about food, picnics and other forms of eat in picture or sculture and because that I found Jan Steen. Thank you. José

José Carvalho,
Torres Vedras, Portugal
May 10, 2004

What a SUPERB SITE. IT IS SO FULL, informative and well thought out. Thank you very much, I will visit this often. It is also wonderful to view art from a totally new perspective, and your site enables me to do this.. Bill Read from England

Bill Read ,
Worthing, West Sussex, England
May 9, 2004

i use this site to help study art history for college credit and i find everything very useful. more so with the pictures, sometimes in class the pictures the professor has arent always in our books, but this site never fails!!! thanks

columbus, oh, us
May 9, 2004

It's a very nice and usefull web-site, which I have been using with big pleasure. With kind regards Karin Lykke

Karin Lykke,
Jaegerspris, Denmark
May 9, 2004

hi i have an art gallery visit on :) cu (write in the gb :) )


May 9, 2004

Thank you so much. I teach art and religious studies and I am going to use this site so much with my kids. It is brilliant. Very generous creation. Well done x

sian carroll, scarroll@oxted.sch.surrey
May 9, 2004

to have the opportunity to visit this place and enjoy deeply Vermeer, is the most wonderful gift that a person can receive...... mmm delicious, you are wonderful and thanks a lot for this gift for my heart and spirit. a little kiss for you.. aurora

guatemala, guatemala, guatemala
May 8, 2004

Your site is a treasure! What a superb way to plan for a trip, or to remember prized visits to old friends in the museums of Europe. Thank you so much for the hard work which went into creation of this lovely resource. I will be back many times.

Henry McCown
Austin, Texas, USA
May 8, 2004

Very nice site! Keep on work!

ÖØÇì, Öйú
May 7, 2004

Am graduating in a few weeks with art history degree. Had been a frequent visitor since.. i don't even remember. This is where I get all of my visual refrences and pictures for presentations. Will go on to graduate school and will continue using this site. Thank you so very much!

boston, MA, usa
May 7, 2004

So unique. Oh what a delight Just to enjoy this incredible sight!

Cherry Hill, N.J., USA
May 6, 2004

Absolutely indispensable to the serious art history student. Sometimes a little cumbersome getting back to the EXACT spot in the artist index after calling up the details of a previous artist. Keep up the good work. I love it

giuseppe rubino,
jerusalem, israel
May 6, 2004

Would anyone inform me about a sculptor who signed ALONZO? He was propably French XIX or early XX Centuries. I have got a Japanese lady lamp made of antimoniun that bears that signature. Thank you very much! Regards, Luis Márquez

Luis Márquez,
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Mexico
May 6, 2004

It is always relaxing and spechless when a visit you, the music background is perfect, I really wish to have the time and money and travel and have the experience to enjoy all this wonderful work - Art.

Olivia Beltran,
Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico
May 5, 2004

I really have enjoyed this website. It is very rare to find insprational websites that can up lift your spirit. This is truly a blessed site to be on at any given time. May God Bless all who enter upon this site. Always remember the Lord is right by your side he is able to provide whatever you need just have faith and believe and it shall come come to pass because God said he would do it. I love you all.

Quandarious Norl,
Birmingham, Alabama, United States of America
May 5, 2004

this website clearly sucks. where is the baroque art

newmarket, ontario, canada
May 5, 2004

Hi All - would say it was a good site if i could figure out how to use :{-

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
May 4, 2004

i don't know a damn thing about this site but i love laura haymes with all my heart(she posted here)

sean steberis,
liversedge, uk
May 4, 2004

This is a great site and it has helped me a lot with some art history papers I have written. Thank You.

Melissa Allen,
Amarillo, Tx, USA
May 4, 2004

You do not have Dieric Bout's painting of "Mater Dolorosa" I am working on a project for that painting and it would have been great if you had the painting along with some info on your website about it!!

Farha ,
Glendale Heights, IL, USA
May 3, 2004

Incredible website! this is a gold mine of the art :) This site can only been improved with a best graphic...all the other is perfect ;) Again my congratulations!

Guidonia (Rome), Italy
May 3, 2004

It's stupid

Lady Bug,

May 3, 2004

I love your site - I've surfed here quite often and I've always enjoyed it. I would suggest, however, that guests have the option of turning OFF the music while browsing. I usually have music of my own playing, and it would be nice to continue to listen to my own selections while browsing the site. If an ON/OFF option already exists for this feature, making it more visible would be extremely helpful. Thank you!


May 3, 2004

Awsome! Very useful information, especially to do reports with.

Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A
May 2, 2004

A thousand, no a million congratulations for such splendid work. Every art lover has a treasure here where one piece outshines the other and where together they make upa alight so bright that it dazzles with awe. Well done and as we say in Malta about a thing splendidly done, PROSIT

Lino Gatt, linogatt@maltanet.nwt
birkirkara, malta
May 2, 2004

Thanking you for the interesting details you are offering!

Eric Bergen, mkra mrqas,
Sunrise Beach, Queensland, Australia
May 2, 2004

Francis: Excellant job!!!

Joe Christofaro,
Rome, NY, USA
May 1, 2004


May 1, 2004

i love christain women,because of their charities and kindness to the less preveledge

augustine igbinovia,
lagos, lagos, nigeria
May 1, 2004 no

natcho and chris

April 30, 2004

Excellent site. Highly functional with fantastic art. Great job Emil and Daniel Karol

Karol Fankidejski,
Methuen, Massachusetts, USA
April 30, 2004

wow, the Sistine Chapel looks soo amazing.. In 2006, I'm going on a school trip group and we're going there to Vaticant City, we can hardly wait to see what it looks like in person. even in these photos, it astonishes me.

Kristen Ritthaler,
Nipawin, Canada
April 30, 2004

a beg i get job here

, texas, usa
April 29, 2004

I really appreciate this wonderful service. It was a real joy to be reading about van der Weyden in a newspaper aricle one minute and to be able to see examples of his work on my screen the next. Thank you.

andrea morreau,
london, england
April 29, 2004

very fine

canada, cairo, jamica
April 29, 2004

I enjoyed this site and look forward to visting it quite often


April 29, 2004

i like the fact that you can show all these pictures. it is interesting to know what was goning on in that time. i would love to see some one paint another picture like this

ash'lee bentley,
rochester, pa, beaver
April 28, 2004

yea i like history im a fun person and want to explore certain.......................places!!!

kingston, mi, usa
April 28, 2004

It is a wonderful website as for me, personally I love classical music such as mozart, chopin, debussy etc. I am starving for paintings from ages when classical music was produced by the masters. so please..keep this sites on. forever.

Andre Korompis,
Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
April 28, 2004

I just want to thank you so much because your work has no equal beyond all the WWW ! I'm in the Ecole du Louvre, late in my revisions for my exams on monday, and your are saving my life !!! Please continue...

Blanc Axelle,
Paris, France
April 28, 2004

Touching, lovely work--a wonderful way to share the treasures of your museum, a way to help me plan for a trip to visit in person. many thanks, keep me on mailing list, e-list.

marsha martin,
new orleans, louisiana, USA
April 28, 2004

A dazzling assemblage of of awe-inspiring art. keep this up. Caravaggio lives in his works!

adetunji oremosu,
Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
April 27, 2004

Flabbergasted ! Web Gallery of Art is in nuce what the web should be: a global virtual university, open, free, high educational value - I can study art history online !


April 27, 2004

I am very happy to find out this channel to send famous pictures to friends. One thing important is that I can get the history of the picture and the backgound information to the artist. Those information is very useful for me to understand the picture.

Grace Chan,
hongkong,sar, china
April 27, 2004

i liked this website very much because it gave me lots of infomation.The only thing thant was not included was what la loge actually means in english.# thankyou p.s please wright back and tell me what it means

jessica flynn,
, England
April 27, 2004

Thanks for your this kindness for this site.I am so happy about my salvation and my the Lord Jesus christ. I love him so very much.He have given very cxsiting life to me for living.Everyday he will give somthings new and happyness. Thanks for the Lord.Can you pray with me for revival on the earth? Blessing keijo sweden

, sweden
April 27, 2004

doing it for study

brisbane, QLD, logan
April 27, 2004

Does anybody else, since they submitted their email address, recieve a lot of viruses and emails about laundering money? Ever since my boyfriend submitted his email address to this site, it constantly comes in.

Michigan, U.S.
April 26, 2004

it was love at first sight:)I'm a student of history of art on the eldest polish university; i've never imagined i will have the possibility to see so many pictures in such quality in internet! Congratulations! I'm glad to see here also some polish artists - i'm sure you know the so popular opinion, that Art west from Germany and Austria doesnt matter. Thank you!

Cracow, Poland
April 26, 2004


Onyinye Nwadike,
London, London, england
April 26, 2004

I went to Levoca some six or seven years ago and was absolutely bowled over by the carvings of Master Paul. Enquiries at the Victoria and Albert Museum etc in London produced no response. I was in London last weekend and went to a celebration of the entry of the ten new states into the EU. At the Slovakian stand I found a brochure about Levoca and other information about Master Paul, which rekindled my interest in this wonderful craftsman: so I am delighted to have found your website. Can I download one of the pictures as a background on my computer? Thanks

Jenny Daniel,
, Cornwall, UK
April 26, 2004

Beautiful offerings. Thank You, Warmest Regards and Best Wishes, RLB

Richard Bown,
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada
April 26, 2004

Congratulations on a job well done!


April 26, 2004

Es una magnífica página de arte. Disfruto y aprendo mucho con ella y se la recomiendo a todos aquellos interesados en esta materia. Saludos

April 25, 2004

Where is the entry of Franz Marc???? Best wishes kb

Leipzig, Germany
April 25, 2004

Have looked at the gallery for several years.This is the first time to sign your guest book.Find it relaxing and awarding in knowledge of those famous painters that have gone before.We owe them much as we do our own forefathers.Thank you for your work.

Rock Bridge, TN, USA
April 25, 2004

formidable barvo pour conception and is very paratique

paris, france
April 24, 2004

good site

Birmingham, Lancs, UK
April 24, 2004

I am helping my 12 year old daughter with an art history research project, and no other site compares to yours. What an awesome, comprehensive collection of information and images without the junk pop-up windows. Thank you!!

Karen Smith,
Aurora, CO, USA
April 24, 2004


April 23, 2004

Nice. I'll be back.

Bob Crimins,
Beverly, MW
April 23, 2004

Very nice site! Really good looking.


April 22, 2004

This website is amazing. It truely reflects the work of artists their capabilities.

Austin, TX, USA
April 22, 2004

best wishes from germany have a nice day

Berlin, germany
April 22, 2004

Fantastic website-great pictures and wonderful explanations. I would like to use some of your text in a paper that I am writing- could you post information on how to cite you as a source? Thanks!

ny, wd, usa
April 21, 2004

Fantastica la pagina felicidades

san jose, san jose, costa rica
April 20, 2004

Hi. Not enough of Question & Answer sites. Enjoyed sifting through.Wanted to know about Carl Morgenstern,Painter.Thanks.

Julian Beale,
April 19, 2004

Nice.. Enjoyed it. Thanks

New York, NY, USA
April 19, 2004

Very nice site!

Boston, MA, USA
April 19, 2004

Interesting site

Mr Clyde Framis,

April 19, 2004

Thanks for your kindness for this site. My heart is burden for gospel and the salvation for the earth.We neady other help together that the gospel will be relate to all men.If you can so pray, if you can so relate about the Lord Jesus our savior and healing. Blessing your keijo sweden

, sweden
April 18, 2004

Fantastic Site. I found the search engine amazingly helpful for research.

Canberra, ACT, Australia
April 18, 2004

This is a beautiful site, I found it most useful in a current project I'm working on. The fact that you allow to send the art as postcards will have me coming to this site continually. Well done.

April 17, 2004

No comment pl.

New delhi, New delhi, India
April 17, 2004

Wonderful gallery, very useful javascripts!<


April 16, 2004

this site is #### and so are the artists

sophie lawson,
, england
April 16, 2004

I stumbled across this web site and will definitely use it again. What a great way to send works of art to friends and family. Much better than sending silly, trite boring cards.

June Guillory,
Baton Rouge, LA, USA
April 16, 2004

Nice sight.

Carol Bannister,
, US
April 14, 2004

good exploration of the medium, i planning to do my thesis on this work...its really different!

saman ikram,
lahore, -, pakistan
April 14, 2004

Gratamente satisfecha por encontrar musica maravillosa. Ingrese a su pagina buscando a Tizinao y llegue a un mundo delicioso de musica e imagenes.

Nelly Cordova Nuñez,
Lima, Peru
April 13, 2004

A veritable webtreasure of fine artists and their work. Please keep it growing. Thank you.

Drew McConville,
Manchester, England
April 13, 2004


lady grace elefaño,
quezon city, metro manila, philippines
April 13, 2004

i need to know about a painting by picasso called nature mortf and i cant please help me thank you,i have 2 one on canvas and one on hard paper

jmes staten,
bowling green, ky, warren
April 12, 2004

One of the most beautiful site ever seen on the Internet Wonderful tool for studies and researches. Extremely well done and easy to navigate and use. Thanks for giving us such a precious tool. Paola Marinangeli

rome, rm, italy
April 12, 2004

This is such a beautiful site. I found exactly what I wanted and am very impressed with the work you have done. Thank you.

Eileen Humer,
Wayne, Michigan, United States
April 12, 2004

I love your site. I have looked endlessly for early christain paintings. Thanks for all your work.

Candy McClure,
Bethlehem, GA, USA
April 12, 2004

A lot of thanks for the gallery. I found it very usefuly and very nice to consult.

Kadour NAIMI,
Rome, Italy
April 11, 2004

Great Work - It is a great joy and an experience going thru your work. May I make copies for the viewing pleasure of my friends? It was as if I am seeing them again for the first time - as when I have seen them during time that I was touring some of these places. Now I can view these Works of the Masters at my own leisure. May I say - that you are by yourselves "Masters" ? Bren

Brendo D Buenaluz, Bren@Buenaluz.Net
Baldwin Park, California, U S A
April 11, 2004

Fantastic site with great reproductions of the period I´m studying. A wonderful reference for all reserchers! Congratulations.

Isabella Baltar,
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
April 11, 2004

Fantastic site with great reproductions of the period I´m studying. A wonderful reference for all reserchers! Congratulations.

Isabella Baltar,
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
April 11, 2004

Your site is very interesting. I am not really into art, but this is different. I really enjoy just looking through the site. Keep up the good work and Thank you.

Harrisburg, Pa, USA
April 11, 2004

ÇÈÑÇå&#1740;ã ã&#1740;ÑÒÇ&#1740;&#1740;,
toa, gong, iran
April 10, 2004

Where are Picasso and Dali?

Andja Mrkobrad, andjam@cg.yu.
Podgorica, Montenegro, SCG
April 9, 2004

Parabéns Emil e Daniel pela sensibilidade, organização e serviços prestados a cultura da humanidade! Emocionado vi detalhes de pinturas de Michelangelo. Fiquei extasiado diante do Moses que ele "extraiu" de dentro de um bloco de mármore. Vi detalhes que nem mesmo lá na Capela Sestina poderia ver. Muito obrigado por me proporcionar momentos de tamanha beleza e encantamento!

Paulo José de Bragança,
Araruama, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
April 9, 2004


f, d, saa
April 9, 2004

It's a very interesting site and it was very useful for me since I am doing a project about famous art from the medevial and renaissance. A great idea would be if you can provide some information about each piece of art. well done

charlene briffa,
Mqabba, Malta
April 9, 2004


April 9, 2004


Michael B. Zolman,
Saint Louis, MO, 63119
April 8, 2004

This is a beautiful site. I plan to send the link to my friends. Your work will be appreciated. thank you


April 8, 2004

your site on internet is beautiful. I don't know if it dipends on a problem of mine on pc or a problem on your site, but web pages and pictures about GHIRLANDAIO DOMENICO e BENOZZO GOZZOLI I cannot see. If you could do something about this, it would be a big thing. Thank you very much, it is one of the most beautiful site I have ever seen. bye Rino

Biella, Italy
April 8, 2004

el greco is not a spanish painter.he is from greece!!!especially, he is from a beautiful island is very unfair for the greek people to change the nationality of such an important painter!?!

veta tourna,
heraklion, crete, greece
April 7, 2004

How totally complete! I found everything I was looking for and much more!!! And the command mode made it so much faster!!! I am greatful. pernille renström

Pernille Renström
Stockholm, Sweden
April 7, 2004

Wow! It's a wonderful and exciting site. Probably one of the most complete sites dedicated to art. Congratulations...

Hector Diaz,
Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
April 6, 2004

This is the best art gallery I have visited so far. Keep up the good work, good luck! Peter

Piotr Siergiej
Warsaw, Poland
April 6, 2004

I have just started to view your site. I came on it after reading Sartre 'Situations' he was writing about Tintoretto. So to refresh myself on this wonderful time I found your site through Google. I shall certainly sit down now and take my time and go through it. Congratulations on fine work and contributing to our history.

Jorn ,
St. Albert, AB, Canada
April 6, 2004

SUper Cool site! of course I put it in my favorites!! thanks!

claudia nagy,
Buffalo,, NY, USA
April 6, 2004

I found this site very useful whilst doing a write up about Art(in which I was working on Raphael's Madonna of the Goldfinch). In it I found things which weren't available in other sites and which were relevant for my work.

Elaine Grech
, Malta
April 5, 2004

I've been looking for the painting of St Michael and the dragon by Raffaell, and couldn't find it anywhere on the Net until I found your site. Great site and thank you! Sandra

Stockholm, Sweden
April 5, 2004

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April 3, 2004

The most beautiful site I ever seen! Congratulations!

cenan cornel,
cluj napoca, romania
April 2, 2004

So beautiful.

Sandra K Hitt,
De Pere, Wisconsin, USA
April 2, 2004

I am trying to find out about a picture signed by Alfred Van Neste.

Terry Conner,
vanceboro, n.c., usa
April 2, 2004

Awesome site.

April 2, 2004

Donatello in st. Anthony's shrine is perfect and magnificent in your site

Padua, Italy, Italy
April 1, 2004

I love this page. It looks really nice. Keep it up

Asaba Owerri,
aba, Imo, Lagos
April 1, 2004


Norbert Kroo,
Budapest, Hungary
April 1, 2004

This site is colossal. One of the greatest discoveries I've made in some time, and a prime example of the Golden Age of the Internet (soon all these sorts of treats will be paying). Thank you so much for your time and this resource.

Paris, France
April 1, 2004

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