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This web site has eerything you need and has helped me with my homework;)

hana abbas,
, Wales
September 30, 2004

l want to be in the mist of children of god

abidjan, cote dvoire, lvoire coast
September 30, 2004

Outstanding images and very complete references. It is a useful tool for art history study and research. I would like to have your transparencies; some we can find at Scala but not all of them. Best regards, Magda Bernal de Herrera Art Historian

Magda Bernal de Herrera,
Bogotá, Colombia
September 30, 2004

Thank you so much for making my search (Lute Player, GENTILESCHI, Orazio) successful complete with biography and suggestions for obtaining a print!

Joan Quinn,
Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, USA
September 30, 2004

What a wonderful website - I am studying Fine Arts and stumbled across your site when researching Rembrandt. Thank you....I'll be back!

Joanne Ford,
Sydney, NSW, Australia
September 30, 2004

Thank you for building this beautifully designed and executed website. A phenominal research tool. The links are brilliant. Cindy

Cindy Hanifen,
Dallas, Tx, USA
September 30, 2004

Love the new look!

Your site has been my staple for 4 years!
Auckland, New Zealand
September 29, 2004

THis site has been very helpful for me. I was working on an essay and I kept finding myself back at this site for information. So thank you for a wonderful site.

Connie Billingslea ,
Cochran, Georgia, United States
September 28, 2004

I find your biographies and your pictures very helpful in my homework.

Julie E. Stahl,
Miami, FL, usa
September 28, 2004

I am a 10 year old 5th. grader. I used this web page for homework and found it very helpfull.

Justin S.
Spokane , Wa., USA
September 28, 2004


haerbin, CHINA
September 28, 2004

Stunning Website, Carravagio Jan Van Eyck Michelangelo Absolute Best!

London, UK
September 27, 2004

what a great tool -- thanks SO much for your hard work on this website! :)

san diego, ca, usa
September 27, 2004

Great. I lovr the Life cycle of St. Ursula

Sr. Ruth Ann Haunz, OSU,
Louisville, KY, UDSA
September 27, 2004

An amazing website, beautifuly designed with good choise of paintings.congratulations

kalina trzaska,
london, uk
September 25, 2004

Thnaks for the helpful site!


September 25, 2004

What a wonderful site! It inspired me in ways cannot begin to express. Thank you. -james

James Bragg,
Sand Springs, Oklahoma, United States
September 25, 2004

I found this site by a mere chance but I know I am going to browse through it for hours and hours. Thank you.

M D Caruana,
Valletta, Malta
September 24, 2004


September 24, 2004

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, sweden
September 24, 2004

THis is my first visit (haven't visit yet) thanks. Carlos

Carlos Valdes,
Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada
September 24, 2004

Compliments! Very nice site. Stefania forever!,
.., .., Italy
September 24, 2004

Damn u bastards, I wanna see Monet paintings STUPID GAYS

geile bauwkje,
Arnhem, NL, NL
September 24, 2004

Kedves Alkotók! Nagyon köszönöm, hogy megnézhettem ezt a fantasztikus tárlatot! Közben az jutott eszembe, hogy legalább olyan nagy dolog megismertetni a képzõmûvészetet a laikusokkal, mint pl. megalkotni egy-egy maradandó festményt. További sikereket kívánok munkájukhoz! Mazuch László A wga lesz a kezdõlapom! :)

Mazuch László,
September 24, 2004

Thank you!

Christine A. Faulkner,
Lexington, Kentucky, USA
September 24, 2004

Thank you for all of your help.

Christine A. Faulkner,
Lexington, Kentucky, USA
September 23, 2004

Its good website and gives alot information

Elizabeth Harrington,
Cork, Cork, Ireland
September 23, 2004

i am very amused with the interesting things that is on tis web. how cool is it. micelangelo is the bomb like.....i have a cat and viv likes alot of people in 6th class...... go micelangelo.....

emma hartnett,
cork, cork, ireland
September 23, 2004

This website is excellent .you can do loads of cool stuff!!!!

Vivienne Hogan
Cork, cork, Ireland
September 23, 2004

You have created absolutely the best art website in the net - congratulations!!!! Please, continue your efforts. :-) Piotr Sieluk

Warsaw, Poland
September 23, 2004

You have created absolutely the best art website in the net - congratulations!!!! Please, continue your efforts. :-) Piotr Sieluk

Warsaw, Poland
September 23, 2004


ellie n ciara
cork, Co.Cork, Ireland
September 23, 2004

This is realy great side of painting, especially most important is possibilliti watching arts in zoom. Sometimmes i think that is not nessary to buy any books of art because I fount amazing web side. Best greatings

User-maat-re Setepenre,
Katowice, Poland
September 23, 2004


sayed omar,
alexandria, alexandria, egypt
September 22, 2004

This site is absolutely superb!Great impetus for learning about arts.Whenever I travel around Europe,your site is the first preparation and database for my visits.I cant remember who gave me the address ,but I am very thankfull.

Dusan Milovanovic,
Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia
September 22, 2004

It's so great your collection! I found here all the favourites of me! Thank you!

nagy éva,
budapest, hungary
September 22, 2004

I want to know where is the original painting of St Catherine of Alexandria? Because I have one of this painting at home in Mauritus on wood Dimension 16 cm x 12.5 cm. He has belonged to my grand-grand-Father. If you can tell me if it is an original one. Thank you

Jean Mée Sandian,
Quatre Bornes, Mauritius
September 22, 2004

Qué goce espiritual tan grande las imágenes, la información, la música, el ordenamiento de este sitio de arte! Felicitaciones inmensas, coincido con los que piensan que es de lo mejor que hay en la web, me sumo a los que piensan que ojalá se hiciera más extensa la periodicidad del contenido y ojalá hasta la traduzcan un día a varios idiomas, español incluido por supuesto, gracias por tanto placer. Fernando Vargas

fernando vargas conde,
merida, yucatan, mexico
September 22, 2004

Dear Emil and Daniel, I spend many hours at your web site. I am 78 years old and have been interested in fine art for many years but your web site has increased my knowledge of art immesurably. Thank you ! The only thing I regret is that you have no works by Goya who is one of my favorite artists.

Raymond Clark,
Summit, NJ, USA
September 21, 2004

this is the best gallary ohhhhh i pray to meet you

rachelle, god is my
subury, ontario, canada
September 21, 2004

I spend hours and hours looking at the beautiful pictures on the Web Gallery of Art. It has been an education for me. I am 78 yrars old and have been interested in fine art for many years but your site has increased my knowledge immesurably. Thank you.

Raymond Clark,
Summit, NJ, USA
September 21, 2004

excellent site! I've learned a lot through you, and have appreciated the quality of your pictures. You are doing a great job. thank you

rome, italy
September 21, 2004

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Lil Moe,
South Woodford, Essex, England
September 21, 2004

Leckt mich am arsch ihr beschissenen Hurensöhne

new York, usa
September 21, 2004

This place is absolutely astounding. Kudos to everyone involved in its creation. And music! Brilliant! Thank you! Best, Sandy

Sandy Gale
, Michigan, USA
September 21, 2004

Brilliant site - good for homework!

England, England, England
September 20, 2004

What makes the painting of the crucifixtion of St. Peter a renaissance painting?

Miami, Florida, U.S.
September 18, 2004

The BEST online artgallery!!

Helsinki, Finland
September 17, 2004

Love the site ! I love how you add the timelines for the works and artists. It really helps to know what was in the Renaissance Trecento period or Quattrocento. I love the postcard option too. It has a very beautiful selection.

Manila, Philippines
September 17, 2004

A very pleasant site which made me passed an owl moment. Thank you still and cheer.


September 17, 2004

this really gud site having gud collection of art

chandigarh, chandigarh, india
September 16, 2004

i loved this site alot it helped with my college course on art appreciation

tosha devlin,
chesapeake, virginia, usa
September 16, 2004

Simply the best site I've ever visited since I discovered my passion for painting! I apologise to my employer for the great amount of time I spend here...

Torino, Italy
September 16, 2004

A very pleasant site which made me passed an owl moment. Thank you still and cheer.


September 16, 2004

Ciao Antonio, sono Antonio l'amico di via Roma che ha il negozio di abbigliamento volevo semplicemente salutarti e dirti che sei un vero grande. Simpaticamente, a presto rivederci.

Napoli, Italy, Italy
September 15, 2004

i like this gallery very mach. thanke you for all the information. miriam.

mriam assa, .il
maakot, israel
September 15, 2004

Very well done web site. It was a pleasure to visit it! I wish you all success.


September 15, 2004

Wonderful site, it is a link in my Art Appreciation Class at the University of North Texas. Art Appreciation is specifically for the non-Art major. I have really enjoyed browsing and was even able to send an ecard postcard - very clever. pam hamer-hood

Pamela Hamer-Hood,
Lewisville, Texas, United States
September 15, 2004

have just discovered Bernini while doing research. i am in awe, beautiful sculptures

hilary brooks,
adelaide, sth aust, australia
September 15, 2004

The young man to Jesus' right in DeVinci's Last Supper is St. John the evangilist.

Billy Donahue
Stafford, Virginia, USA
September 15, 2004

Great informative site!

Marivel Garza,
Austin, Texas, USA
September 15, 2004

You have no greetings from Poland recently, so thank you for your wonderful website. PS: About The Last Supper for Remi - I think it is Mary Magdalene!

Poznan, Poland
September 14, 2004

Felicitaciones por tan ilustrativa y cultural biografía del maestro Bernini. Estoy interesado en una obra de Bernini que se encuentra en Perú, en el convento de Santo Domingo, el tema es : Santa Rosa de Lima, escultura de cuerpo entero en mármol. Donde puedo encontrar información adicional sobre esta escultura del maestro Bernini?

juan carlos rospigliosi moyano,
lima, lima, perú
September 14, 2004

Congratulations on your Forbes award.

Carbondale, IL, USA
September 14, 2004

Dear Sir / Madam It is good to see such kind of islands in this mass of internet. Your site is really informative and elaborately designed. I loved your way of displaying the work of arts. (with different backgrounds and scales, ete...). Adding to this, search engine of the site is very user friendly, it's allowing quick and comparative quaries. However, I have to say that it is very discouraging to see that the time frame you are dealing with is very limited, for example it would be nice and beneficial in order to compare the periods, to see the works of Roman, Early Christian arts and even the period from 1800's to today. Finally, visiting this site is a great joy for me but I hope my words make a sense. Keep up good work. Yours Faithfully, Özgür Can DEMÝRTAÞ

Ankara, Türkiye
September 14, 2004

Thank you so much for making available to me some of the most beautiful art in the world right in my living room on my computer screen. I also love the music I am listening to as I write this note. God's Earth is a wonderful place and He has given so much for us to care for and enjoy.

David Ray,
Round Lake Beach, IL, USA
September 14, 2004

Top Art Site. Compliments!

Erik from TrendTown Travel,
Kassel, Hessen, Germany
September 14, 2004

A very interesting website. Thanks to the webmaster


September 14, 2004

This just a wonderful site, thank you for your hard work in creating it - it is a great resource! I would like to know if you have any information on a work by Canaletto entitled: "Dresden Views." I would appreciate any information that you might have regarding this work. Thank you in advance, J. Wade Jackson

J. Wade Jackson,
Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States
September 14, 2004

I just went to Patenier street, 38. An wandered coming back whoever was Miss or Mister Patenier. So it's great joy to me to have a glance at its works; owing to you. So thank you.

Leblois Daniel,
Paradis, Belgium
September 13, 2004

I feel so fortunate to have discovered your web site. It has made my costuime research a joyfull journey of discovery.What a trip! Thank you.

Dona Pierce,
Columbus, Georgia, US
September 13, 2004

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hamburg, de
September 13, 2004

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cagayan de oro, phil
September 13, 2004

i enjoy your information alot . so keep it up.

chris k.u.,
owerri, imo state, nigeria
September 12, 2004

Fantastic website! I wish now there could be another site with the more recent work of art.

Benoit Segers,
Redhill, UK
September 12, 2004

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Christian Franke,
slough, buckinghamshire, England
September 11, 2004

Im visiting you site in hopes of finding Eva Guilen- my last known addresss for her was about 4 years ago and she was living in Bonita, and Chula Vista California- Me being the bad friend lost her information and our phone #'s changed- I was hoping - just maybe you could help

, idaho
September 11, 2004

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anahiem, California, U.S.A
September 11, 2004

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September 11, 2004

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NY, NY, America
September 10, 2004

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Fredericks Muguguy,
Newark , New York, USA
September 10, 2004

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bangalore, karnataka, india
September 10, 2004

Hi, Thank you for the plenty of art pictures! They really help me a lot to be a fine art teacher in high school. However,could you mind to offer more contemporary art in the site? I think it will be very useful, too.

Huang, Leanne,
Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan
September 10, 2004

Magnificent. The best in arts I have seen on the Web. I hope you will go on well into 3rd millenium and bring the wonders of the art to all surfers.

Nianja Man ,
Okata cafe, Lagos , Nigeria
September 10, 2004

I hope that this website will be of great help to me. Thanx

Andrea Kypri,

September 9, 2004

Good site - love and peace

Berlin, Germany
September 9, 2004

Excellent site

Sydney, N.S.W, Australia
September 9, 2004

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Darko Ramuscak,
Varazdin, HRVATSKA
September 7, 2004

Thank you!

Shanghai, China
September 7, 2004

I am simply amazed at the collections and their beautiful exhibition. I have no words to give expression to my sense of fulfilment of seeing such poetic work of Art by such great men who once traversed in this world. Certainly they are men sent by God Himself to raise ourselves from the normal thinking to an elevation of Higher thinking in life. A sublime expeience I had and will have. I will visit hereafter this particlular site atleast once a day as long as I am alive and will recommend to people to see and experience for themselves. Millions and Millions of Thanks to the organisers of this Web Gallery of Art. From: S. Rajagopalan

S. Rajagopalan,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, INDIA
September 6, 2004

Una maravillosa y complta muestra de pintura a nivel mundial. ¡Os animo a que ampliéis la página hasta el siglo XX! Un saludo

Blitz desde España
Madrid, Madrid, Spain
September 5, 2004

Una maravillosa muestra de arte que ilustra casi ocho siglos del arte de la pintura Felicito a los creadore de esta página que permite a las personas interesadas en arte disponer de imágenes de gran formato acceder a una complta base de datos.

Fernando Vela,
Coslada, Madrid, Spain
September 5, 2004

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September 5, 2004

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Marcia Coffin,
Herkimer, NY, USA
September 4, 2004

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paris, france
September 4, 2004

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Conegliano, Italy
September 3, 2004

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September 3, 2004

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September 3, 2004

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September 3, 2004

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September 3, 2004

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, Northumbria
September 2, 2004

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Havana, CUBA
September 2, 2004

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Billy Donahue
Stafford, Virginia, USA
September 2, 2004

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September 1, 2004

About the last supper from Leonardo.. Why is there a woman sitting on the left of Jesus ? Could it be Mary Magdalene ?

Washington DC, USA
September 1, 2004

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Bowie, MD, USA
August 31, 2004

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Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil
August 29, 2004

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katie skerik,
citrus heights, ca, usa
August 28, 2004

I fell in love with Antonello da Messina after reading Jean Diwo's novel Au Temps ou la Joconde parlait, but you have to read it in the French, I'm afraid. have just come back from London and the National gallery. No reproduction can do justice to his work. the Portrait of a man is just wonderful - the expression in his eyes, those perfect lips and the five-0-clock shadow, as we call it...Simply haunting. His Christ Blessing really looks at you, as if he is blessing YOU, the viewer. And what an expression. I also saw one of the two Da Vinci Madonna of the Rocks (the Louvre has the other) and da Vinci must have known Antonello's work and copied the way his hands are extended towards us. If you can read French, get Diwo's novel - it takes you from Antonello up to the death of Michaelangelo and it's one of the finest things I ever read - and I say that as an English graduate and avid bookworm.

Sandbach, UK
August 28, 2004

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August 28, 2004

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Jeannet Bond
Dordrecht, The Netherlands
August 28, 2004

This site is very interesting and I visit it very often. I am a student in art history and it is very useful to visualise at home paintings I was shown in museum or at school. My only regret is that there is no 19th century artist. Thank you for making this site live. Sylvie

Paris, France
August 27, 2004

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Sandy Fliegelman,
Lombard, IL, United States
August 26, 2004

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Albert VAQUIE,
Toulouse, France
August 26, 2004

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August 26, 2004

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Bytom, Poland
August 25, 2004

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August 25, 2004

Neat! NOTHING on Pirckheimer in the Encyclopedia Britannica in my CD-ROM drive - but yielded thousands of Pirckheimer websites, including your great Durer etching. Congratulations.

Ivan K. Strausz, MD,
New York, NY, USA
August 25, 2004

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August 25, 2004

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Maike Vogt-Lüerssen,
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August 25, 2004

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August 24, 2004

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Suzete Garcia,
São José dos Campos, SP, Brasil
August 23, 2004

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Sardegna, Italy
August 23, 2004

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August 22, 2004

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Kiev, Ukraine
August 21, 2004

dear jeeves: thank you for connecting me to the wrong web site. this site is fantastic and i will visit more often!!!

, united states
August 21, 2004

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Dave Oakes,
, canada
August 21, 2004

One of the greatest performer in the world, lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico... I say this with humility... With my four octave singing voice/range, I enjoy healing the masses...Thanks and God bless you.... 505-571-3184/Hire me...

Dante Raphael Allegro,
Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
August 19, 2004

C'est tout simplement MERVEILLEUX ! Félicitations pour la présentation mais j'aurais aimé pouvoir aussi lire votre site en français.....aussi....!

Port de Bouc, FRANCE, Bouches du Rhône
August 19, 2004

Très beau site, très bien fait, très instructif. Dommage que je le découvre aujourd'hui seulement, alors qu'il existe depuis... 7 ans??!!

Louis Robitaille,
Sainte-Adele, Quebec, Canada
August 18, 2004

Wow! You guys have really put a lot of work into this web site. Easy to navigate great content. It's got the feel of a pay site, without having to pay. Keep up the excellent work.

, California, USA
August 18, 2004

I have a painting and I can not find it anywhere. I have seen collections done by Lorraine but not this one. This is what is on the back of the painting. Catalina Fine Arts, Inc. New York. N.Y. Title: Landscape with trees Artist: Lorraine Frame No. s425 Order No. is Blank If you have any information on this painting or know of anyone that would know, would you please notify me. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Connie Rosa

connie rosa,
Mundelein, Illinois, USA
August 17, 2004

This website is a very important tool in my own research. I am a relatively new Artist and researching the paintings and drawings of the Masters has been an extremely important tool. This site gives me the opportunity to view works I would not be able to see otherwise. I thank you. This website is of the highest caliber.

Jarrod Feddersen,
Granada, MN, USA
August 17, 2004

This is an absolutely wonderful site. I just finished reading the wonderful book, "Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling" by Ross King. After discovering this web site I will definitely go back and reread the book again with a completely different enthusiasm. Terrific site!!!!

Stephen B. Jaszek,
South Hadley, Massachusettes, USA
August 16, 2004

fascinating use of scripting and background sounds. loved the website.

John Cokley,
Townsville, Queensland, Australia
August 15, 2004

No Goya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Philip Sprackiling,
Madrid, Spain
August 12, 2004

This is a very good site with a very good job, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Raul Palacios,
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
August 12, 2004

Mesutts Surround

, Turkey
August 11, 2004

Great site. Regards

Swen Schnell,

August 11, 2004

I live in Rome, within walking distance from the Carafa Chapel, I just wanted to say thank you. You have showed me the Chapel in a way I never imaged. I know so much more about it now. Thank you soooo much. It's beautiful.

Rome, Italy
August 10, 2004

any chance of adding a forum, or does anyone know of good art forums

, germany
August 10, 2004

This site is super.. fab... and all!

nell Cross,
Ajax, province of Ontario, Canada
August 9, 2004

I love this site. Well done.

Warsaw, Poland
August 9, 2004

Wonderful, wonderful site, I've studied it for some years now and can't get enough. Keep up the great work!

Peter Bristow,
Morecambe, Lancashire, United Kingdom
August 8, 2004

Its a beautiful virtual Museum.

Paticia Casillas,
Mexico, D.F., Mexico
August 8, 2004

Very nice!

Val Finlay,
Dundee, Scotland
August 7, 2004

Very wonderful site, I'm happy that somebody out of Italy know Gaudenzio FERRARI, a 15th century painter from my town... we have some precious frescos of him in our church... But I'm sorry that you don't have pictures of paintings by Giuseppe Mazzola (Valduggia,1748 - 1838), very active in Italy and Europe and director of the Brera Accademy for several years...

Valduggia, Italy
August 7, 2004

I was amazed by your site. I was looking for a painting of an artist, but without any details, neither the name of it. In less than 5 minutes, I found it; the origins, its museum, and how practical, how to obtain its reproduction. Congratulations !

Veronique de Folin,
Paris, France, France
August 6, 2004

This is a very wonderful site. I especially like the Italian Renaissance and Dutch artists. I have a few comments about several of the paintings on your site. The "Small Cowper Madonna" by Raphael (National Gallery of Art, Washington) was cleaned in the early 1980s and discolored varnish & overpainting removed. The Madonna's robe is a very bright red & the reproduction on your site shows the painting's condition before cleaning. Also, the National Gallery of Art now lists the "Madonna and Child with a Pomegranate" (on your site as Leonardo da Vinci)as a work of Lorenzo di Credi (correct, in my opinion). Please visit the National Gallery of Art, Washington's website for information about their paintings at: They have also published a number of scholarly catalogues of the various schools of paintings since the late 1980s, with several changes of attribution. Also, a great number of paintings formerly classified as Rembrandt have been "de-classified" as autograph works by the "Rembrandt Research Project" (based in Amsterdam) in the last two decades. Just to name a few: "The Mill" (Washinton, Nat'l Gallery of Art), but still considered by the museum a work of the artist's; "The Polish Rider" (New York, Frick Collection), but the Frick also rejects the Projects's opinion; and several paintings in the Berlin museum, among them the famous "Man with Gold Helmet" (the museum accepts the opinion of the RRP). For the changes of attribution of the Washington Rembrandts, see their catalogue of Dutch paintings by Arthur K. Wheelock (see under "museum store" at the NGA's website).

Robert Corbell,
Columbus, MS, USA
August 4, 2004

a fantastic outlay,a wonderful effort on your part, well done

edward awkin,
stevenage, herts, england
August 3, 2004

you are so nice

fffffffffff, United States
August 3, 2004

I have just read Dan Browns book The Da Vinci code and find myself looking at this picture completey differently! Its amazing what I see now, the book is such a good read and its so educational in Da Vincis way of thinking. I recommend anyone reading it!

Stephanie French,
London, England, Britain
August 2, 2004

Bonsoir , j'ai trouver votre Site par hazard en cherchent sous le mots "USA Politique" , mais j'ai pu rien trouver d'information sur ce sujet dans votre site, méme celà j'ai passée de bonne momenent a lire sur votre Sujets interessent ..Salut

Berlin, Berlin, GER
August 2, 2004

This is a superb resource - the sharing of such wonderful art is a celebration of mankind !!! My only comment is that (copyright/ownership permitting) it would be great to have higher resolution pictures online so that I can either print a copy or install it as a quality image as my background desktop.

Mike van Kleef,
London, UK
August 2, 2004

You created a great Page!I'm happy to sign the guestbook!


August 2, 2004

Wow! This is certainly one of the most useful sites on the internet- it seems to have all the information I need ^^ I thank you very happily- you've made my day, even though it's been spent doing homework. The format of this website is so very easy to use, and the paintings are well documented.I wish that the rest of the internet was like this :) Thanks again ~Cinnamon

, NZ
August 1, 2004

A truly magnificent web site which is a pleasure to view. I will be regularly back to view the marvelous art.

Sydney, NSW, Australia
August 1, 2004

The greatest site ever I'v visited !! Thank you very much.

Tadatoshi Takahashi,
Maebashi, Japan
August 1, 2004

Una gran ayuda para los estudiosos y amantes del arte. No sólo bonita, sino útil. Seguid así, páginas como esta nos hacen cada vez más partícipes de la red. Saludos desde España.

Madrid, Spain
July 31, 2004

very very nice

cochin, kerala, india
July 31, 2004

I was inspired to look at your web site after listening to the composer Martinu's tone poem which he wrote after viewing the fresacoes in Arezza. I am also writing a book on the Green Man which includes a chapter on the Legend of the Holy Cross.

James Coulter,
Barnstaple, Devon, U.K.
July 30, 2004

Este sitio es muy interesante e instructivo, se lo recomiendo a todos mis amigos

julio barrios Zaldivar,
Habana, Cuba
July 29, 2004

I really loved your site and I made it to my favourites.You got presous paintings in it.Keep it up.I like Mattia Preti and Caravagio most of all.You have many paintings of Saint Catherine of Alexandria and I'm proud to see all those paintings of her because that shows what a big Saint She is.Thanks again.

Cettina Camilleri,
Zurrieq, Malta
July 29, 2004

I like the idea of being able to send postcards of gallery art.

tim stroud,
Bell, calif., 90201
July 29, 2004

good site! keep doing your job.

sf, ca, usa
July 28, 2004

good site !...fantastic infos!


July 28, 2004

I love art and I like a lot, this web because those paints are wonderful. CONGRATULATIONS. God bless you.

Alejandro Joel Navarro Barrios,
Havana, Havana City, Cuba
July 28, 2004

I found your site last year and I'm still browsing through it!!!!!!!!!That's how vast it is!!!!!! Keep it up folks great stuff.

victor pulis,
Tarxien, Malta
July 27, 2004

A very nice and interesting websites.


July 27, 2004

It has been a pleasure to visit The Web Gallery of Art. I could hardly find the exact words to express my gatitude to the people that have worked so hard ,to give our spirits the blessing of getting in touch with so many beautiful paintings and sculptures, made by those famous people long time ago. Thank you. God bless you all! Lic. Gladys Barrios Zaldívar

Lic. Gladys Barrios Zaldívar.,
Havana, -, Cuba.
July 27, 2004

This gallery is a wonderful resource! A pleasure to find and enjoy it!

Sybertsville, PA, USA
July 26, 2004

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to travel internationally; to see many churches, shrines and museums that afforded me the vision of great architecture and countless paintings and sculptures of the world's great masters. To find these once more in your site is another blessing indeed. Thank you. May you be blessed richly for creating delicious beauty in this world that is so in need of manna for the soul.

Goffstown, NH, USA
July 26, 2004


Ramona Johns,
Dickson, TN, America
July 26, 2004

what a pleasure to look around the beautiful art collections. THANK YOU

, UK
July 24, 2004

well done, may God bless your work and creativity. its gives a lot of heavenly thoughts

Dar es salaam, Tanzania
July 23, 2004

its so wonderfull, may God bless all those preparing and visiting the site. It contain a loty of beautiful collections, thank you.

Dar es salaam, Tanzania
July 23, 2004

Thanks for the chance to sign your guestbook.Enjoyed the site.


July 23, 2004

I'm very happy to have found your lovely site. I've sent several postcards to friends and relatives and they all reacted enthusiastically !

Bunnik, Holland
July 22, 2004

I am looking for the drawing that is a lady sitting at a vanity that can also look like a skull I beleive the name of it is "vanity" would really like some help to find it!

klamath falls, or, usa
July 22, 2004


annalisa paulon, annalisa,
milano, italia, lombardia
July 22, 2004

This is the most marvellous thing about having a computer: I was given a laptop for my 80th birthday, and now I've discovered the Web gallery of Art, and its postcards, I can at last make full use of it. THANK YOU

Katharine Brunt,
Richmond, Surrey, TW10 6LX, England
July 22, 2004

This site has been bookmarked by months, and it's such a good source for inspiration... The search engine is pretty good too!

Mayrhosby Yeoshen,
, Venezuela
July 21, 2004

Thanks for all of your support!


July 21, 2004

Thank you for this wonderful site! I used it to research the sixteenth-century artist Tiziano Vecellio; and send his "Venus and Apollo" picture to people who had not heard of Titian hair color. My new grand-daughter has "titian hair" and she is beautiful.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
July 21, 2004

Wonderful site...will be a source of pleasure for a long time... Thank you.

Lanham, MD, USA
July 21, 2004

I really wonder about missing paintings of CASPAR DAVID FRIEDRICH - one of the most famous romantic painters.

Hamburg, Germany
July 21, 2004

this is great! Congratulations: tibor

Vámos Tibor,
Budapest, Hungary, EU?
July 20, 2004

thankyou very much it was important to find pictures, i need them for my job (teacher)

quillan, france
July 20, 2004

well done

, Nevada
July 20, 2004

nice site


July 20, 2004

It is great. The website provides important information to me, thank you so much.

Macau, China
July 20, 2004

what a wonderful tool you created! Thanks I had trouble searching for Portrait of a Young Woman c. 1465 Poplar panel, 52,5 x 36,2 cm Staatliche Museen, Berlin it is not classified in the correct time category. You dont find it if you specify 1451-1500

Joachim Laubsch,
Palo Alto, CA, United States
July 19, 2004

being guide interpreter in Paris & in France I must tell you your web site is fantastic I wrote yesterday about the Horses of Cysevox being on the Place de la Concorde, they no longer are there, because of pollution, they are copies, originals are nowadays in the new Louvre I am a bit puzzled about not finding any mention of Camille Claudel, worked with Rodin, but did amazing works

vanvinckenray Martine,
Paris, France
July 19, 2004

Quite enthralling. I am sure I will return to your site time and time again. Thank you.

e amsden II,
Cobourg, Canada
July 19, 2004

this site hasnt got any think that i want it is no good


July 19, 2004

i am trying to find out where the original "Girl With A Pearl Earing" By Vermeer is located.

chris Shearer,
Holland, MI, USA
July 19, 2004

no comment

paul poll, flippy paul
melville , ny, usa
July 18, 2004

dear emil and daniel;i have enjoyed your web gallery of art.i was thrilled to find all the giovanni panini paintings in your collection.i was most interested in "verdute roma antica" that you listed from staatsgalerie,stuttgart.ithas some slight variations from the "views of ancient rome" in the louvre, also by panini. frankly i like the stuttgart painting better and am wondering if you have any knowledge of how i could get a copy. i went to " and as you suggested but all they had was the louvre version of panini`s masterpiece. thank you, ann walter

ann walter,
boston, ma, usa
July 18, 2004

i have a honour moulem in my family tree from devon .she married a john effer 22 feb 1819 in paignton devon england.if you have any info on this surname i would be glad to hear from you.

wendypenfold exeter devon,
exeter, devon, england
July 17, 2004

What simply wonderful site! It is so weel established! I visited Malat recently and say The beheading of St John in Valletta. I very much enjoy Caravaggio. The music that accompanies this site is heavenly. I watched and then listened to the music as I prepared my work today. Many Thanks. Godfrey

Godfrey Tonna Gilmour,
Childers, Queensland, Australia
July 17, 2004

A very good surprise find your pages

Prof. Renato Vita,
Carrara, Italy
July 16, 2004

its a nice site and it's even nicer to see that mine name moreel is in it and to know that in the passed there was made a triptych of the family moreel thanks

nelly moreel,
hoek van holland, nederland
July 13, 2004

Excellent work!


July 13, 2004

nice guestbook, i added an entry


July 13, 2004

Your site is great piece of work! Thank You!

Jack Little,
July 13, 2004


software download,

July 12, 2004

Thank You, This allowed me to send something of what I saw while in Italy.

Susan Heuerman,
Lima, Ohio, USA
July 12, 2004

What a great site! This is heaven for an art addict like me! I'm looking for anything on Adriaen Brouwer and was glad to find some paintings that I did not know so far. If anybody knows of or has a book about Brouwer, please let me know.

, Switzerland
July 11, 2004

Great site! Go on in this way!

Dingolfing, Germany, Bavaria
July 10, 2004

I am personally very grateful for the creation of a site such as this. You guys did a great job. God bless you all.

Olukayode O. Momoh, k_em2000@yahoo. com
Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria
July 10, 2004


ann sumner,
blackburn, lancs, england
July 9, 2004

Beautiful artwork in Temptation and dam and Eve

mary istre,

July 9, 2004

What a magnificent display of artistic genius! This Web site did a fantastic job of taking me into the Chapel so I could enjoy what millions around the world have come to admire.

Brandon Moore
Helotes, TX, USA
July 8, 2004

OUTSTANDING! Very well done, the site was designed very well. i enjoyed it very much!

Kevin Calderon,
San Antonio, Texas, USA
July 8, 2004

Great site!

, Germany
July 7, 2004

What a great site

roberto magsino,
quezon city, philippines
July 7, 2004

May I use some of your images for educational purposes? If so, do I need to credit your web site? Thank you, Julie Menard Librarian Blinn College Bryan, TX 77802 (979)209-7273

Julie Menard,
Bryan, Texas, USA
July 7, 2004

Taking the virtual tour was nothing short of AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for making such a historical piece of Michelangelo's work available for people all around the world to see and enjoy without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Though I'm sure everyone touring it wishes they were right under it, admiring every inch of it, I know I did. Thanks again!

Elizabeth Chapa,
Robstown, TX, USA
July 7, 2004

Great site, congratualtiones, good job.

, Germany
July 7, 2004

thanks - I really enjoyed your site. I really liked the option to listen to classical music.

Monique Williams
San Antonio, TX, USA
July 7, 2004

It was a surprise when I found this beautiful place, I can see this paints here in my machine!

Yolanda Warnholtz,
Mexico, D.F., México
July 7, 2004

Best wishes!!!

rio, rj, brasil
July 7, 2004

Enjoyed looking through your site.

, UK
July 7, 2004

muy bien, me gusta mucho

bcn, bcn, spain
July 6, 2004

famous,it´s the MAX, great site, a pleasure to look arround.

de roo ludo, lutes@pandora
kortenaken, belgium
July 6, 2004


sragen, jawa tengah, indonesia
July 6, 2004

A most excellent site.

Javier E. Roig,
San Juan
July 6, 2004

I`like music and arts

Antonio Jose Brussolo da Cunha,
Dois Córregos, São Paulo, Brazil
July 6, 2004

Great Site! have enjoyed very much. Thanks

Hacienda Hts., Ca., USA
July 6, 2004

Thank You! Your work is incredible!! I would say that this is The perfect website. It is a fine example of what a good thing you can do for other people - a web masterpiece, fully comparable with all the beautiful art you have made so easy to come near. I am sure, if possible, that there are many greatful master painters smiling in their heaven for your work. A wonderful contribution to the world culture heritage. /P

Peter Oljelund,
Stockholm, Sweden
July 6, 2004

This Galley is a brilliant idea that let us known about the most important works of art of The European Masters. Thanks to all that give the necessary support and Talent to build this interesting cultural site. Sincerely. Lic Esteban M. Guanche

Esteban M.Guanche,
Guanabacoa, Havana, Cuba
July 5, 2004

I do like this site. it is interesting.

Maltie Hanoeman,
Paramaribo, Suriname
July 5, 2004

Geachte mevrouw Coppens, Dankzij uw romans over Willem de Zwijger en zijn zonen raakte ik geinteresseerd in de historie van de Oranjes in de zeventiende eeuw. Over Sophia Hedwig heb ik laatst een artikel gepublicerd in Leovardia, het tijdschrift over de Leeuwarder historie. Als u geinteresseerd bent kan ik het u toesturen. Hoogachtend, jelma Knol

jelma knol,
hurdegaryp, friesland, nederland
July 5, 2004

Congratulations, very nice website! Only one criticism: I didn't find almost any painting belonging to the important Capodimonte museum of Naples...

mario bellotti,
zurich, switzerland
July 5, 2004

Well I love arts , I am a doctor and I ve been in many museums in europe and Usa, thanks for let me be here

yessica minchola chirinos,
Lima, Lima, Peru
July 5, 2004


July 3, 2004

Splendid pictures and ergonomy. Thank you very much.

Philippe Chevalier,
Dijon, France
July 2, 2004

This was the second postcard I have received through your service. Both selections were very well chosen for each occasion and I greatly enjoyed receiving them! I should like to learn how to return the favor.

Hedda Durnbaugh,
huntingdon, PA, USA
July 2, 2004

I would Like to know if any one could help me find out about my daddys family his name was William H Sluder. he was born in 1924 and past in 1993 if u can help me please e mail me thank you

GraniteFalls, nc, usa
July 1, 2004


Aosta, Italia, Aosta
July 1, 2004

Excellent! Art and music together, thank you.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany
July 1, 2004

I love this site.

Robert Williams,
St. Marys, GA, USA
July 1, 2004

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